A new reporter at the Bellevue Dayton Sun

by Jennifer Sierra


Meet your new reporter, Robin Gee. I am sure the towns of Dayton and Bellevue will make Ms. Gee feel as welcome as they did me. Robin has a lot of experience and is an excellent journalist.

Robin lives in Bellevue, Kentucky currently. She has worked as a freelance writer since 1997 and was a Senior Editor at F&W Publications in Cincinnati from 1987 until 1995. She has a BA in journalism and political science from the University of Cincinnati. Robin also has 15 years of marketing and PR experience.

Robin has also written a couple of books, one being a history of Madison College in Wisconsin for the school’s centennial.

If you see her at city council meetings or covering events around town, introduce yourself to her. She is an amazing talent and we are lucky to have her writing for The Bellevue Dayton Sun.

Please send all press releases to Robin Gee at



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