The Fondest Farewell…

by Jennifer Sierra

Jen Head ShotOver two years ago, I started The Bellevue Dayton Sun online newspaper (a.k.a/ in an effort to keep residents of Dayton and Bellevue informed about the issues that big news agencies won’t be able to cover. It was also my goal to bring the two communities of same size and demographic closer so they could learn from each other and to provide a stable and reliable information outlet that didn’t rely on social media gossip and hearsay around town.

Over the years I met so many wonderful people that touched me and brought me closer to the community. I fell in love with the towns of Dayton and Bellevue even more. I always knew my time in Dayton would be limited and I would have to move and the time came this fall.

So now that I have moved from the Dayton-Bellevue area, The Bellevue Dayton Sun online paper will be left in some very capable hands. I have ensured that local writers, who are invested in the community, will continue our tradition.

Robin Gee is a veteran journalist who will be covering the majority of the stories you’ll read on the website. She lives in Bellevue and is currently covering both cities. The paper will continue to be delivered digitally with some improvements coming as well, all designed to serve you better.

Thank you to all of the residents in both towns for making me feel welcome and giving me a wonderful home for many years and letting me serve the community in both volunteer aspects as well as with the paper. As I stood inside my house this last fall crying my eyes out, I realized that leaving was one of the hardest things I had to do. Even though leaving my home in Dayton left me feeling like my heart had been ripped out, I will always keep the river towns in my heart. Since you will still hear from me from time to time, I must bid you a fond “farewell” not a “goodbye”.

All future press releases should be directed to Robin at If you have an interest in contributing as a writer, you can send that to her as well.

So farewell friends and neighbors. Many great things are in store for your towns and I look forward to reading all about it in the paper!


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