Bellevue City Council Meeting: appointments, seasonal reminders and a heartfelt farewell

by Robin Gee

Bellevue City Council and city officials videotape a holiday message.

City officials and council members stand to record holiday greetings: (l to r) Ryan Salzman, David Slater, Melissa Tatum, Mayor Ed Riehl, Steve Guidugli, Matt Olliges, Rodney Poytner, City Administrator Keith Spoelker, City Attorney Michael Surrey

City officials and council members kicked off the December 2016 Bellevue City Council meeting with a videotaped message of Christmas cheer for the community. The greeting can be seen on Campbell County Government Television cable access channel (Time Warner 16/Cincinnati Bell 806).

Board of Education Meeting

Teachers at Grandview Elementary have matched donations for a drive to support needy families in our community. Some 1,500 items have been donated so far.

Drug testing will begin for all students in extra curricular activities. Once the initial testing is completed, random testing will continue. An outside vendor will conduct the tests.

Council Member Dave Slater noted he was proud that 10 Bellevue students have met qualifications to attend the Student Technology Leadership Program State Championships in Lexington this year.

“Drop your drawers” clothing drive

A clothing drive for new children’s underwear is underway at the Campbell County Library. “Drop your drawers” is a drive for new underwear, sizes four to 16, for school children. Mayor Riehl and Council Member Ryan Salzman recently visited the library to support the drive.

In our area, the clothing will be distributed through the Family Resource Center for Bellevue schools. Donations of new children’s undergarments can be dropped off in the City Clerk’s Office through the end of December.

Reminders for the season

Zoning Administrator K. Scott Enns reminded businesses that animated electric signs are not allowed facing the street due to safety concerns for those driving in the area. An animated sign can be used in the back of the store, but cannot be visible from the street.

In his report, Police Chief Wayne Turner shared concerns that the busy holiday season brings with it a spike in thefts. People are in a hurry this time of year, he said, and thieves take advantage of that. He reminded people to lock doors, conceal any valuables and take purses with you or lock them up when you shop or do errands.

Watch for a new fire truck this spring

Fire Chief Michael Auteri announced the next meeting of the Fire Board will be December 21 at 6pm at the Fire Station 514 Sixth Avenue in Dayton. He also noted that the department has winterized 282 fire hydrants, and that the new fire truck is due to arrive the second week of February.

Citizen Input

Rita Becker addressed the council to reiterate her request for curbing on her property on Lincoln Road. Rain has caused flooding that has made her driveway inaccessible. She said the curbing is vital to keeping her property safe from flooding.

City Manager Keith Spoelker said he would visit Becker’s property and Lincoln Road soon.

Sandy Olliges asked about the status of repaving for Taylor Avenue from Covert Run Pike to the top of the hill. Spoelker responded that work should start on that project in the spring.

Ordinance updates

Council passed amendments for the alcohol beverage law and code enforcement provisions.

The alcohol beverage law amendment includes a change in licensing periods. All licenses, except those that are temporary, will be valid for one year. Fees for licenses applied for during the year will be charged in full if the license if it is set to renew in more than six months and half if the license will be up for renewal in less than six.

Council also approved a replacement of code enforcement provisions to bring Bellevue code enforcement into compliance with 2016 Kentucky House Bill 422 concerning blighted property, trash and related nuisances.

Penalties for violations are to be $10 to $100 for first offense, $30 to $300 for second and $90 to $900 for all others for people who do not contest the charges. Fines are double for those contesting their violations — $20 to $200 for first, $60 to $600 for second and $180 to $1,800 for all others.

New appointments

Three new members will serve on the Fire Department of Bellevue-Dayton Board. According to Board rules, each city is allowed to appoint two council members and one community member for a one-year term. Bellevue City Council appointed members Steve Guidugli and David Slater and citizen Tom Quirk to the Fire Board.

The council also appointed Diane Witte to a position on the Historic Preservation Commission, serving until the end of 2018, and Kevin Wright to the Urban Renewal and Community Development Agency (URCDA) Board to serve until the end of 2019.

Animal Control Resolution

In the last resolution of 2016, the council authorized Mayor Riehl to enter into an interlocal agreement with other cities in Campbell County and the Campbell County Fiscal Court to coordinate animal control services.

Thank you to Council Member Matt Olliges

Council Member Matt Olliges did not seek reelection so this was his last council meeting. The mayor and council took the opportunity to publicaly thank him for his many years of service to the Bellevue City Council and to the citizens of Bellevue.

Olliges thanked the citizens of Bellevue for their support and his family for their understanding during the years his years of public service. He added that he was thankful to those city officials who came before him.

Said Olliges, “My hope for Bellevue is it remains a good place to live. My challenge to city officials going forward is that it should not be just a good place to live but the best place to live. I hope our groups can come together, define our goals for the city and muster the courage and the leadership necessary to achieve those goals.”

At this point, the council went into executive session to discuss future acquisitions or sale of real property in the city.

For the full video of the meeting, go to the Campbell County Media Central website.


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