Dayton City Council Meeting: Ordinance updates, dumpster permits and a thanks

by Robin Gee

Dayton City Council Meeting December 6, 2016

City Administrator Micheal Giffen discusses CCAP guidelines with council members.

The final meeting for 2016 of the Dayton City Council was quick and quiet with the council taking care of some ordinance business and saying thank you to exiting council members.

A video of the full meeting is available on the Dayton City website. Here is a quick rundown of business and issues discussed:

Citizen input: CCAP

Council members discussed how best to ensure that future participants are clear on the guidelines for the business development program known as the Commercial Community Advantage Program or CCAP.

Tom Herman, owner of The Cobb Group printing and promotions company, addressed the council to request reimbursement through CCAP for property improvement expenses he incurred.

On the advice of City Attorney Tom Edge and a review of the CCAP guidelines by City Administrator Michael Giffen, the council was unable to grant Herman’s request because program guidelines require participants to secure approval before work is started.

OKI Regional Council of Governments Board representation

Council appointed incoming member Jeff Volter to represent Dayton on the OKI Regional Council of Governments Board of Directors.

Proposed changes to loose animal fines (first reading)

An amendment would increase fines for violations of laws against animals running at large. Fines for animals who are neutered or spayed are $85 for the first offense and $100 for the second or greater offense.

Should the animal not be neutered or spayed, the fine will be $100 for first offense and $125 for a second offense unless the owner agrees to have the Campbell County Animal Shelter neuter or spay the animal. If the owner agrees, the fines will be reduced to $85 for first, $100 for the second offense.

A portion of fines goes to the county animal shelter for expenses. The amendment is part of an interlocal agreement with other cities in Campbell County.

Code enforcement provision changes (second reading)

Council approved enactment of a new ordinance that would bring Dayton code enforcement provisions into compliance with 2016 Kentucky House Bill 422.

The new ordinance prohibits “criminal activity, graffiti, environmental issues, litter, garbage, trash, dilapidated housing or violations of other sections of Dayton code and ordinances,” and establishes a new landowner notification system. It also sets penalties for violations at $250 to $500.

Dumpster and Portable Storage Unit permits (second reading)

Property owners who rent dumpsters for remodeling projects or temporary storage units for moving will have more time before they must renew their use permits.

Council passed a new ordinance that changes the time for renewal of permits from four days to seven days. Owners pay a fee of $75 for the permits but that money is returned if they comply with use, location and all other requirements outlined in the temporary permit.

Other business

The council also heard from Chief David Halfhill on the need to educate the public on misdemeanor reporting and noted future plans to look at sewer grating repair and replacement, and flags for motorized wheelchairs

A thank you

Near the close of the meeting, Mayor Virgil Boruske thanked exiting council members for their service to the council and to the Dayton community.


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