Your Bellevue, KY post office needs your support!

By Jennifer Sierra

fullsizerenderSeveral years ago, Dayton, Kentucky lost their post office. The government decided that is wasn’t economically feasible for the them to keep that post office open. As with any business, if the community doesn’t support it, the business will close.

Now more than ever, the post office needs your support. There is a post office located in Bellevue at the corner of Taylor and Center Street. It is s few blocks away from the shops on Fairfield Avenue.

Many people that live in Dayton and Bellevue, Kentucky don’t realize that there is a post office there. Instead they go to the post office in Newport. The post office located in Newport is larger but the lines are often much longer there. Both post offices offer the same services. You can purchase stamps almost anywhere, you can send your packages through UPS or FedEx and you can purchase packing materials at other places. Since these things are pretty much the same price no matter where you go, why not support the business that offers these goods and service right in your own community?

Here is an idea. Instead of opting not to send Christmas and Holiday cards or doing a digital version, why not go old school and send real cards out to people this year? Hand write the address on the envelope and put an old fashioned holiday stamp on it. It is such a treat to get cards in the mail and it is a tradition that is quickly fading. The price of stamps goes up much of the time because the post office has to compete with all of these other companies and fewer people are using them. The United States Post Office has to do something to generate revenue and if they don’t, they close branches of their offices and raise postage. If we collectively use the postal service more, they won’t need to raise the price of stamps and it keeps members of our community employed. If we don’t support the businesses in our community, we will lose them.

The post office located on 361 Taylor Avenue in Bellevue is open for business and they provide friendly service with minimal, if any lines to wait in. They have packing materials in their store as well as PO boxes and postage. They offer overnight shipping and insurance on packages too.

Here are the hours of operation:
Monday – Friday: 9:30–11AM and 12–4:30PM
Saturday 10AM–12PM
Sunday Closed


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