OP-ED: Why I’ve Chosen To Serve My Community During My Campaign


Joe Grimme at the Campbell County Senior Picnic. Provided.

By Joe Grimme, candidate for District Judge

With less than a month to go until Election Day, I know that many people have grown tired of the politics and, if I’m being honest, I’m probably in that camp as well.

I have never been a politician and do not consider myself one now, but after running my first campaign I now know how tiresome and long the days can be as they drag on into October towards Election Day.

I have worked tirelessly to meet as many of the Campbell County voters as I possibly could. I have walked door to door, I have talked with you, and I listened to you. I’m very proud of everything we have accomplished since we began this journey.

During our campaign, I not only wanted to be accessible and approachable – two traits that I think a good judge should have, but I wanted to take this opportunity to give back to the community at the same time. One example is that we held meet and greets at local small businesses, such as Weller Haus in Bellevue, in an effort to showcase what they have to offer.

We also held fundraisers for local organizations that are truly the heart and soul for our community. We just finished up a golf outing to help Chicks and Chucks, a Campbell County organization founded by Cathy Halloran that assists breast cancer patients. We also held car washes all throughout the community at places like the Bellevue Vets and Southern Lanes in Alexandria, from which we donated all proceeds to the Vets and Campbell County Animal Shelter.

And as much as I believe in my heart that I’m the right person for the job to sit as the 17th District Court Judge, truthfully, this campaign has helped reiterate to me that family comes first.

Early on in my campaign, I was being pulled in all kinds of directions. We attended festivals, parades, and various fundraisers. It was hard work and I loved the grind, but I continued to spend time with my family during this campaign in order to balance my career and my family the best that I could. Win or lose, I still have my family, which is what is most important to me.

My mom and dad were both role models for me growing up. Although my mom has passed away, she dedicated all of her life to doing so much for my sister and me. My dad, Art, who started in the mailroom at Cincinnati Bell, worked his way up to Assistant Vice President after 30 years. He has shown me through his career, as well as a lot of other experiences, that hard work pays off. They both showed me that in order to serve, you must serve others, and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

If I can reiterate one important point with regard to local politics, I believe that a vote should not made for someone because he/she spent the most money advertising or handing out freebies, a vote should be cast for the person who has shown the most dedication to meeting the voters. I fully believe I am that person. I hope the investment of time and effort that I have made over the past several months pays off on November 8th, and I ask that our voters choose Joe Grimme as their next District Judge.



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  1. Getting to know the constituents is only one part of the job. Your public service resume is lacking along with your total disregard for the ordinances of the city of ft Thomas, the city you live in. The ordinance regarding political signs specifically states political signs can not be put out more than 60 days prior to the election. You had signs out in yards before this September 9th. If you can’t follow a simple ordinance how can you be expected to enforce the laws as a judge


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