The day that changed it all


Editorial by Jennifer Sierra

On that crisp, clear, beautiful morning in September, I bet everyone remembers where they were. I do. I was painting in my studio at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati. My fellow artists and I gathered in another artist’s studio (Terri Kern’s) to watch the horror unfolding on TV.

Little did we realize how different our world would be after that day. Before 9/11, I could walk to a gate at the airport to watch a loved one’s plane taxi in and meet them when they got off the plane. I could go to the airport and not have to wait in security lines for hours. Flying was actually a pleasure not drudgery. America was a place where all people from all parts of the world were welcome not feared. First-responders didn’t have to be ground soldiers in war.

How I long for the time before 9/11. We will never know innocence the way we did before that day. God (or whatever Higher Power you believe in) bless this country and the men and women who have chosen to protect it in the military and the ground war here at home as a first-responder. May one day we have peace, tolerance and love for each other.



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