Dayton, KY City Council Meeting Sept. 6, 2016

By Leslie Carr

Resident Bret Neuspickle addressed Council regarding a concern from Riverside Marina owner Mr. Bricking and the Occupational licenses required for live music. It seems that neighboring cities do not require these fees from restaurant owners or musicians and this may put Dayton in a less competitive position. Mr. Neuspickle shared the history of the need for Occupational licensing but asked if this matter could be reviewed. Council Member Neary will review this as chairperson for Personnel, Law, and Printing.

The City Administrator’s report spoke of Sanitation District 1’s two week investigation of the recent flooding problems along Ervin Terrace. SD1’s videotaping showed that there were no breaks or blocks in the system, but the current infrastructure is inefficient. SD1 also looked into the flooding problems in the 200 block of 4th Ave and Kenton. An expenditure of $6,000. was approved by Council city’s portion for recommended improvements. These funds will come from Public Works budget.

Bid results for repaving and curb work were awarded to Bluegrass Paving, and Dads Bobcat service respectively. The bids came in under the $40,000. projected expense.

The first reading for the 2016#13- Real Estate Tax Rate was ultimately read after a few delays, and was presented as a levy .495 for Real and mixed Property, .05 for parks, .5009 for Vehicle and watercraft, and .713% for Personal property.

The second reading of 2016#13 will be September 20, 7 pm at 200 Clay Street.

First Reading of 2016#14 – Amending Job Classifications. This ordinance would amend compensation rate for Police Sargent, Blight Inspector, and Public Works.

First Reading of 2016#15 – Amending the Occupational License Tax. Amends rate on Real Property .01 x gross receipts or $50-$100. (Commonly referred to as a Land Lord License)

Second Reading of 2016#11- Turning Berry Street between 6th and 7th Avenue into a two-way street  this would eliminate parking on one side of Berry in order to allow for 2 way traffic. City Administrator Giffen said his opinion was that the elimination of a few parking spots would not be an inconvenience for residents or businesses. Businesses have access to parking at the City owned parking lot in the 600 block of 6th Ave. There was much discussion from Council Members but ultimately the ordinance was passed by a 3 yes, by Members Neary, Burns, and Tucker, 2 no votes by Members Lynn and Gifford.

Fire Chief Auteri spoke of a future need for the Fire Department to upgrade their radio system at a 50-50% shared cost between Bellevue and Dayton of $110,000. This would likely be in 2018.

City Inspector Rich McAllister submitted his report of Code violations. They include approximately 150 written notices, on par with last month. There will be 7-8 appeals scheduled for Monday, 9-12ths Code Board meeting.

The video for the meeting should be available early next week on Cable channel and uploaded to YouTube as well.

Special events:

24-hour Prayer Vigil – 9/9/16 and 9/10/16 at Monument Park

History on the Square – 9/22/16

Psalms Festival 9/27/16 – Gil Lynn Park

Kite Festival – 10/1/16 from Noon – 5:00 PM

Business Networking at Purple Poulet – 10/3/16 – 5:30-7:30 pm for Council Members and Dayton Business owners









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