Local writers wanted!

by Jennifer Sierra

Jen Head ShotThe Bellevue Dayton Sun is an online newspaper created for the communities of Dayton and Bellevue, Kentucky. The goal of the group that started the paper was to create a reliable online news source that covers news that is probably too small for publications like River City News to cover but still pertinent to the 2 communities. Another goal was to bring the 2 communities together by sharing the news between them, hoping that together, these 2 quaint, river cities could rise with the tide. Online news is the future of media. The paper has a great reputation and has followers from all over Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Many other news sources follow in order to keep an eye out for breaking and interesting stories.

Over time, our founders have dropped off due to other responsibilities in their lives. So that pretty much left me holding the bag. Being a person that likes to see things to the end, I worked to keep the paper going.

Now the fact that I have a book being published and going into bookstores this fall puts me into a difficult situation. I will be busy with my book tour and will be out of town  and unable to cover the meetings and events that need to be covered. It is time to pass the major part of writing articles onto the people the paper was founded for. If anyone is interested in this opportunity, please contact me. It is a great way to meet and get to know neighbors and a wonderful way to help make Bellevue and Dayton shine.



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