Bellevue City Council meeting update 8/10/16

by Jennifer Sierra

IMG_6631Council member Matt Olliges reported that the new fire truck is getting close to being ready. At the next fire board meeting on Wednesday the 17th, the subject of a new roof will be discussed and the estimated cost is $37,000.00.

Bellevue schools start August 17th. Grandview will be introducing daycare this year for about 48 kids. The preschool and daycare are for high school and staff children.

Bellevue Independent School Superintendent Robb Smith was recognized by state of Kentucky Senate for his efforts in raising the school’s state rankings.

On Thursday August 18th at 7 PM there will be a TIF meeting. “It won’t raise your taxes,” said Council member Guidugli. ” I suggest everybody get a copy of the development plan that is being presented. You need to get a copy of KRS 99 that authorizes this. Read it and understand it and how it affects every property owner that this covers, ” council member Rodney Poynter explained.

According to City Administrator Keith Spoelker,  an SD 1 application for a 50-50 match grant will be submitted on August 16th. This is for new water mains and digging is set to start in November.

Mark Chapman is a new police officer hired in Bellevue. He used to work in Independence and Dayton, Kentucky. He retired as a Sergeant from the Kenton County Police Department.

There have been frequent complaints from businesses and pedestrians on the avenue about dump trucks speeding through town. The police are going to start watching for this according to Chief Turner.

A debate ensued about the First Friday on the Avenue events in September. At the next Shop Bellevue in September, the focus will be Kentucky Makers Market. Council member Rodney Poynter  questioned the decision to have the Makers Market Theme for first Friday. “Lots of money has been spent promoting Fairfield Avenue. Why are we having the Makers Market on the first Friday which pulls people to the other end. Several shop owners have mentioned it. That is the reason I am bringing this up.”.

Jody Robinson, the Main Street Manager for the City of Bellevue responded, “The intention of this event is community and economic development and to create a buzz about the community and show its vibrancy. The creators of the event are also looking for ways to push people back down the avenue.”

Council member Poynter pushed back saying,  “I have heard that these events bring people in town but then the people get back in their cars and leave. I have heard a lot of people don’t patronize the businesses.”

Jody Robinson replied, “I would like to give the example of Art in the Park. We have vendors and food. It is the 2nd busiest day next to the Christmas Walk on the Avenue. Bringing people in and bringing attention to the community shows what a fabulous community we are. Is this common in the business of Main Street programs all across the country? Yes.”

Council member Steve Guidugli dismissed concerns, adding,  “There wasn’t a shortage of Bellevue people where I was on a First Friday. The place was full of either  people who grew up here or live in Bellevue.”




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