Dayton City Council gets flooded with flood victims

by Cathy Volter – photos by Greg Davis and Jerry Dorn

Highlights from the Tuesday, August 2, 2016, Dayton City Council Meeting

The meeting began with a Public Hearing to discuss road improvements, and to obtain comments regarding the proposed use of Municipal Road Aid Funds.  As there was no list at the meeting of the proposed road improvements, it was announced that the paving list would be posted on the City of Dayton website on Wednesday, August 3.  The estimated amount of road funds available to date is $145,000, with an anticipated additional $105,000 by the end of this fiscal year.

There were a number of residents from Ervin Terrace who spoke regarding their properties being flooded twice this past week, due to the torrential downpours on Wednesday and Friday evenings.  Mr. Greg Davis stated that he pulls sewer lids to keep his home from flooding whenever it rains.  He said it comes from the football stadium to Superior Coal and shoots down to Ervin Terrace.  He questioned when the sewers were last cleaned out.  The last time Mr. Davis’ house flooded this badly was 13 years ago.  It cost him $40,000 to put the house back together.  He questioned the responsibility of the sewers being SD1.

Greg Davis’ son, Jesse, spoke of how he has lost everything of sentimental value every time there is flooding on his property.  He has been off work for 3-4 days cleaning up.  He pleaded with council for their help.  The question was posed whether or not contact had been made with SD1 since the 2 flooding episodes, and the answer was “no”.

Greg Davis’ son, Greg, spoke about how 13 years ago his mother had to be rescued by the fire department, as the water was rising in.  He emotionally spoke about how 13 years ago his family lost all their childhood possessions that they will never get back.  He said something needs to be done now.  The current flooding left 2 feet of water in his car.

Another gentleman spoke on behalf of his daughter, whose home was also flooded.  He stated that upon talking with her insurance adjuster, he found out that she had no flood or sewer back up insurance, but he was told that in most cases the city or Sanitation Dept. covers the expenses, as both parties are responsible.  He is looking for the problem being fixed and be compensated for it.

Discussion followed regarding making Berry Street a 2 way street between 6th Ave. and
7th Street.  Two business owners had differing opinions.  Resident, Brett Neuspickel, suggested making the street 2 way between the hours of 7 AM and 4 PM, as when school is in session,  those hours are when the traffic flow gets congested.

The River Cities Relay Run will be Saturday, August 27.  This will be the signature running event showcasing the river cities.  The race starts at 6 PM at Riverboat Row.  The cost for 4 person team is $160, 2 person team is $100 and individual is $60.  Proceeds will be split between 6 charities.

This fiscal year’s garbage tax was reduced to $123.  Businesses will be paying the same amount as residents.

Beth Nyman was awarded a $250 Nano grant from the Skyward Center for Great Neighborhoods.  The intent of the grant is to be imaginative and to promote community involvement, as well as meet new people.  The event is entitled “Storytelling”.  Six Dayton residents will be telling their story.  Bring a blanket to the Monument Park at 6th and Berry Streets.  The event will be held on August 18th from 7 p.m – 8:30 .  There will be an intermission with pizza being served.

The annual Dayton Senior Citizens Picnic will be held on Wednesday, September 14.


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  1. Bellevue and Dayton cities need to file together for a Federal grant to address the flooding issues. The floods are getting worse each year.


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