How Brighton Center helps adults get on a new career path

by Jennifer Sierra

Brighton Center gives adults a chance to get on a reliable career path by providing training and assistance to folks in need through their Center for Employment Training. Brighton offers classes in the medical and IT fields as well as administrative skills classes that teach Excel, Powerpoint and Word. They also teach business communications, presentation and typing skills and customer service. Their medical assistance careers offer training in phlebotomy, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology in order to prepare students for the RMA exam. Brighton offers career coaching and financial coaching to the trainees as well to ensure that they will be successful beyond the program.

IMG_7406There are single parents that were never able to go to college or adults that have aged out of their careers and are looking for a new employment opportunity because they aren’t ready to retire.”We have individuals that are young – right out of high school, we have people that have been terminated, and people that are tired of working minimum wage jobs and want to get ahead. We have folks that come in here that are older and didn’t grow up with computers,” said Gillian Marksberry, Financial Services Coach for The Center for Employment Training.

Brighton offers support to students outside of the classroom too. Scholar House gives single mothers an apartment and daycare services for mothers who have the desire but not the familial support to get a 2 to 4 year degree. At the end of the program, students who need clothing for their new professional career get to pick a week’s worth of clothing through their “Well Suited” Program, which receives clothing donations from all over the community. For some people that go through the program, Brighton offers help with groceries too. This program takes away any excuses or reasons a potential student has for not doing this for themselves and their family and empowers their students to better their path in life. “One of my favorite things about this program is that we offer dual enrollment,” Marksberry stated. “If a person wants to get higher education but they don’t feel they can because they never finished high school, we can help them get their GED and at the same time they get their certification. We offer career coaching and financial coaching to our trainees as well to ensure that they will be successful beyond the program.”

The program has open enrollment all the time and they have new classes start every Monday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Brighton has informational sessions where people interested in enrolling in classes will get a tour of the facility and they get to meet the teachers and other students that have gone through the program. Students that go through our program often double their working income. The Center for Employment Training boasts 100% job placement. They are conveniently located in Newport, Kentucky at 601 Washington Avenue.

You may know of someone that could use this program to better their future or you might want to donate to ensure the future of the Center for Employment Training. If you want to help, donations are accepted. Brighton’s Center for Employment Training takes clothing and food donations.

Professional/business attire can be dropped off to:
Center for Employment Training
601 Washington Ave
Suite 140
Newport, KY 41071

Other clothing and food donations can be dropped off to:
Brighton Center
Family Center
799 Ann St
Newport, KY 41071



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