July message from Mayor Riehl


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Mayor Ed Riehl

Hello to all. Summer is in full swing and I hope you had a great Fourth of July celebration with friends and family. Plants all around town are blooming making all of our gardens look wonderful. Hats off to the crews with our Public Service Department and especially the great volunteers from the Bellevue Neighborhood Association for all their hard work throughout the years to make our town look so beautiful. And they are always looking for new faces to join this important group.

Mother Nature has been up to her usual summer tricks, keeping us hot, humid, and rainy this summer—welcome to an Ohio River Valley summer. Please be careful when you are out in this summer heat and drink lots of water. Please take time to check on your elderly neighbors to make sure there are coping with the summer heat.

Speaking of hot, our summer concert series is in full swing with the June and July shows taking place already. The August show is always one of the best and many people look forward to, featuring Bellevue’s own Scott Sprague and some of the best local music talent with join him on stage at the “Reunion Concert”. The Friday July 22 movie night is fast approaching featuring “The Good Dinosaur”, so come down early, bring a picnic basket down and enjoy a great view and a good movie with family and friends. The show start around 9:30 pm.

Shop Bellevue events are going strong this summer on the first Friday. August 5 will be the first Friday customer appreciation event, so stay in your hometown and shop local and keep the dollars reinvesting here at home. Take in the new shops that have opened this year along with your old favorites. Come down and enjoy a great, enjoyable evening strolling along historic Fairfield Avenue and shopping, drinking, and eating IN VUE!!!

With the summer growing season on full swing, please take a few moments to remove weeds cropping up in the sidewalk cracks, gutter line, and the alleys behind your home. This will help keep Bellevue looking clean and inviting. Should you notice a property that may need attention please call the city offices at 859-431-8888 to report any problem properties in your neighborhood.

Please don’t hesitate to call Dispatch regarding any suspicious activity that you may see around town or in your neighborhood. We need everyone to get involved with any activity that may not seem right. If you think it needs immediate action dial 911. If you need an officer to respond to check something out that is not an emergency dial dispatch at 859-292-3622. We have surveillance on every block of the city and that surveillance is our citizen’s eyes and ears. But if we all don’t step up and make the call, that surveillance means nothing and nothing gets solved.

If you are planning any home improvement projects this summer please call the city offices and our professional city staff will be happy to assist you with all the necessary permits, C.O.A’s and proper building codes to make your home improvement a safe and successful one. Please call 859-431-8888 and we will be there to answer any questions you may have. Please be safe, keep cool, and enjoy your summer.




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