New grants soon available in Bellevue, KY

By Jennifer Sierra

Why does Bellevue, Kentucky remain a beautiful community? City Council and city staff are always looking for ways to improve the city by incentivizing the citizens to keep up their property and create fun activities for people to do. While some river cities struggle with how to stay on top of blight, Bellevue looks for interesting ways to make the most out of their budget for their city. Creating grants is one way a city council can really work creatively for their community. 

Council Member Ryan Salzman recently talked to us about new grants that will soon be available out of the Bellevue, Kentucky budget. “Based on the comments of Council members through the budgeting process, we dedicated funds for five distinct purposes: creative placemaking, special events, recreation, sidewalk repair, and tree replacement. Each program allocates $2,000-$5,000 to be distributed annually. We will begin writing the actual programs soon with the intent to leverage public funds for private investment. It is also our intent to allow citizens to dictate where investment is needed. And if the funds go unspent they will be reabsorbed. The scope of the grant programs and the amounts dedicated reflect our continued efforts to encourage community development in a fiscally responsible way. I am extremely proud of this package of grant programs. It exemplifies responsible, collaborative policy-making at its finest.”


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