Crackdown on high grass in Dayton, KY this summer

By Jennifer Sierra


At every city council meeting in Dayton, Kentucky, someone mentions a house with high grass on their block. This spring’s rain has added to that blight issue. We asked Dayton, Kentucky City Administrator Michael Giffen to tell us how the site is handling this issue. “Our Code Enforcement Director will issue a notice of violation to property owners that are deemed to have high grass and weeds and the property owner will have the amount of time given on the notice to correct the violation. If after reinsertion the violation has not been corrected in the given time then they will be issued a citation for $250 and then the Dayton Public Works Department will enter the property and correct the violation. The fee for the City’s service will be added with the citation on to the property owners tax bill in the fall,” Giffen responded. Property owners can’t pay their property taxes until these bills have been paid first.

This ordinance is being enforced aggressively this year. The city is not only being more diligent about code enforcement but they are following up on the citations. The good news is that the city’s Public Works department is getting compensated for cutting the grass of properties that others have neglected and the city is making additional money from that neglect and hopefully will put it to good use.

This month the code enforcement officer, reported 392 various code violations and issued about half of that number in citations. These numbers are the highest the city has ever seen.  Some of those codes were for high grass but most were for other building code violations. The city has had many problem properties for years but is now in the process of getting a system set up to handle the many violations and keep track of their status.


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