Dayton, KY chosen for Nano Grant due to residents’ passion for city

by Jennifer Sierra

Nano Grant ImageThe decision was made by Skyward in April after Beyond The Curb was held in Dayton and Bellevue. While the choice was based partly on geographic diversity, Dayton was chosen because of the passion the citizens have for their city. Tara Johnson, on behalf of Skyward, announced that Dayton, KY was one of 3 communities in Northern Kentucky to receive this grant. Florence and Pendleton County were the other Nano Grant recipients.

Tara Johnson stated emphatically, “The way the people of Dayton stepped up to help Beyond The Curb become a success influenced our decision. Many residents from Dayton stepped up to staff the event and promote it. Dayton also has a great neighborhood networking system. There is a terrific online presence with Facebook and The Bellevue Dayton Sun as well as volunteer groups like The Main Street Association and Civic Clubs, all leading to getting the word out about events in Dayton. We want to work with communities with such enthusiastic citizens. We looked at capacity to get people engaged. Our goal is to enhance northern Kentucky as whole but the ultimate goal is helping people feeling ties to their community. I feel like we all have a bit of creativity in us even though we aren’t all artists. We want to encourage local artists but we want the whole community to be able to participate even if they don’t necessarily feel like they are creative people.”

Each Nano grant is up to $250.00. These grants are for creative projects like Front Porch Caroling, Median Improvements on 7th Street in Covington, job fairs, Picnic tables designed by kids, art exhibits, riverfront beautification, a community garden tour and much more.

A Nano Grant meeting will be held Tuesday in Dayton at the School Board Building at 5:30 to discuss the opportunities for using the grant money. Tara Johnson advised people show up to the meeting with their ideas and creativity. The meeting will discuss the grant more in depth and then give residents the chance to brainstorm. The meeting will last an hour or less.

About Skyward: Skyward’s purpose is to make Northern Kentucky thrive by connecting education, wellness, business and culture in innovative, inclusive, productive ways. Skyward operates with the same principles that we work to instill in the Northern Kentucky Community. Northern Kentucky’s vision for the future is that all children are prepared for kindergarten, all residents lead healthy lives, all businesses have the talent and tools they need to succeed, and all neighborhoods are vibrant, inclusive, creative, and connected. In order to reach our vision for “all,” we must implement a shared work plan to serve as our strategic guide. Our work plan is not about short-term wins, it’s the five-year foundation for long term change.




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