Details on 3 law enforcement initiatives in Campbell County, KY

by Jennifer Sierra

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 9.31.26 AMPrescription Drug Disposal, Crisis Assistance Response Effort (CARE) and Carry and Deploy Naloxone were three initiatives introduced recently in Campbell County in an effort to circumnavigate the biggest issues facing our law enforcement and communities today.

“It is no secret that warmer weather and longer days can make things busier for law enforcement agencies. The issue of heroin and drug abuse/addiction often grab headlines – as it rightly should, given the toll it is taking on our communities and families – but our public safety personnel are doing important work in many respects to keep our county safe for residents and attractive for businesses to locate and grow here, ” stated Campbell County Judge Executive Steve Pendery.

The Prescription Drug Disposal Program consists of eight departments, headed by the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force, giving the communities the opportunity to properly dispose of unwanted medication. In April alone, 207 pounds of medication was recovered where normally the average is 72 pounds a month. This helps keep medication out of the wrong hands. It also helps keep the public aware that flushing these medications down the toilet is not the proper way to dispose of them since this allows them to seep into the water table and negatively impact the environment. 17 pounds of unwanted pills were collected by NKU and Highland Heights Police within four hours on April 28th.

Crisis Assistance Response Effort or CARE is a program put together by County Chief Craig Sorrell. This program provides a complete approach to families seeking help for their loved ones after an episode with law enforcement.  It has successfully been used by families trying to cope with heroin overdoses. CARE provides a comprehensive approach to help families get in touch with the programs available to help.

On April 20th, the Campbell County Police Department was authorized to carry and deploy Naloxone which is a life-saving treatment for narcotic overdoses. St. Elizabeth Healthcare has agreed to supply each of our officers with Naloxone at no additional cost to the taxpayers.

For more information on these and other programs, visit the Campbell County web site.



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