New hillside development in Dayton, Ky  

by Jennifer Sierra

DAYTON3 001A new development is slated to start construction in Dayton, Kentucky this summer if all goes well.  The project is the creation of Redknot Homes owner, Mark Pottebaum. The single family homes will be located at the top of O’Fallon and bordered by 10th and Walnut Streets. The homes will be 2,000 – 2,500 square feet in size, will be priced between $250,000.00 and $500,000.00 and will feature elevators in them. Due to the slopes of the lots on the hillside, the homes will need to be built into the hillside with the foundations stepping up the hill. All of the homes will have off-street parking. The proposed development will have provisions for control of erosion, hillside slippage and sedimentation. The developer, Mark Pottebaum, is trying hard not to impede on the views of the surrounding, existing homes while his proposed homes take advantage of the views too. Due to the steepness of the hillside on O’Fallon, there are no plans for sidewalks to be constructed for pedestrians.

According to developer Mark Pottebaum, these homes are transitional or modern homes and cater to baby boomers, empty nesters or young professionals. These homes are priced lower than they would be across the Ohio River and have the benefit of being located in a walkable neighborhood. Not only is the price better on the south side of the river but the views are better too. “Every house has a fantastic view. All homes will have smart technology, marble or hard surface counters like Corian throughout. These homes are built for entertaining,” Pottebaum stated. The private drive  where the homes will be placed will be 20 feet wide. Along with garages and driveways, on-street parking will be available on the private drive as well. The entire project should take about 3 years or so to complete.

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At a Planning and Zoning meeting  in Dayton, Kentucky on April 7th, many citizens showed up to get the details on the development and make sure their views would not be hampered. Citizens that lived on the hillside below the development voiced concerns over drainage and slippage but committee chair, Lynn Adam, informed them that those concerns were not what was being discussed at this meeting. This meeting was to discuss the issues of the city of Dayton vacating the right of way for the paper streets on the proposed development site and the height limitations of the project. Chair Lynn Adam informed the citizens they would likely have better drainage after the project was finished than before.

The Planning and Zoning Committee approved the consideration for variances unanimously based on the recommendation of staff from Campbell County Planning and Zoning.


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