Dayton Schools celebrate excellence

MarquelleApril Artist of the Month

We would like to recognize DHS Junior, Marquelle Spencer, as the April Artist of the Month. Mrs. Spahr nominated Marquelle because she is an excellent student who is always pushing herself to get better. Marquelle is creative and strives for perfection in her work. She often helps her peers by offering solutions to improve their work and she is a pleasure to have in class.


KileeMarch Athlete of the Month

The March Athlete of the Month is Kilee Donelan. Kilee is a hard working young lady. She is the starting pitcher for the Lady Greendevils Varsity softball team and recorded three wins this month in four games. She is a role model to the younger girls on the team. Kilee pushes herself to reach her goals on the field and in life in general. While participating in softball Kilee also juggles school and work. She has worked hard this year in the classroom and currently holds a 3.04 G.P.A.   The Greendevil team has grown as a team with the help, guidance, and dedication of junior pitcher, Kilee Donelan.

Marti Jo Griffith

March 2016 Inspire, Engage, and Grow Employee of the Month

We want to congratulate Ms. Marti Jo Griffith on being recognized as the Inspire, Engage, and Grow Employee of the Month. Ms. Griffith is a teacher who genuinely cares about each and every student at LES. She believes in all kids and inspires them to reach their optimal level of achievement. She has a true passion for teaching and really creates a classroom environment full of life and energy. Whenever passing by Ms. Griffith’s room, her students are always actively engaged in various activities throughout the classroom. She ceaselessly comes up with activities her students enjoy while furthering their own understanding in a creative manner. Her approach to allowing her students to be self-motivated is very similar to the Montessori Method of education. It is not uncommon for her students to speak about the excitement that they experience when learning in her classroom. Ms. Griffith is continuously creating a fun learning environment where students do audacious activities such as writing math problems on their desks even though the school administration jokingly disapproves of this instructional practice.

Ms. Griffith doesn’t stop being inspiring and engaging when the dismissal bell rings at the end of the day. She is involved in numerous after school activities including the Girls on the Run program, elementary cross country, 21st Century tutoring, Literacy Night, Queen City Classic Chess Tournament, and much more. Ms. Griffith is constantly stepping up to ensure that our students receive the best educational experience possible. She has also stepped up in a leadership role when presenting her questioning technique strategies at the new teacher meetings. Ms. Griffith has been an integral part of many of the great things happening at LES. It is a true pleasure to have her as a 2nd grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School where she Inspires, Engages, and Grows each of her students.

LES Star/Students of the Month March 2016
Camry Schraer – Mrs. Jellison
Avah Rom – Mrs. Ridder
Allie White – Mrs. Stuempel
1st Grade
Cayden Turner – Mrs. Chenot
Abby Flynn – Mrs. Jones
Brooklyn Moreno – Mrs. Litzler
Eddie Holmes – Mrs. Wiggins
2nd Grade
Hailey McVey – Mrs. Clifton
Jake Payne – Mrs. Feldman
Jesse Roberts – Ms. Geiman
Jayda Brehm – Ms. Griffith
3rd Grade
Charlie Chambers – Mrs. Folsom
Kierston Reynolds – Mrs. Jaspers
Madison Reynolds – Mrs. Grainger
Arrianna Russell – Ms. Woughter
Chase Weier – Principal Pick
4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade
Jayden Freeman Jozlyn Hundemer Mikey Hauser
Jasmine Nelson





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