Bellevue honors Dayton school employee as local hero

by Jennifer Sierra

IMG_6249In a contest held by Bellevue, Kentucky‘s In Vue group this month, people got the opportunity to nominate their local hero. All you had to do was write a letter describing your local hero and why you thought they went above and beyond for their local community.IMG_6242

Dayton, Kentucky resident, Kim Townsley wrote a letter nominating her local hero, Gina Byrd. Gina is a the Family Resource Director at Lincoln Elementary School in Dayton, Kentucky. “As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, her dedication to giving and caring for others is limitless,”  Townsley wrote. In the touching letter, she goes on to describe how Gina gives out hugs to the kids at school and has done so for years. Townsley was the recipient of her hugs when she was in school and Gina was her track coach. She said she always looked up to Gina and now that she is an adult, she really appreciates what her work at the school really means to the community. The letter below describes in detail what Gina does for the community.IMG_6288

At the event where Gina was honored, she was given a key to the city of Bellevue for her community service. Gina gave a brief, humble speech where she gave credit to her parents and she said, “Care about other people. Be kind. Thank you.”

Watch the video here:


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