River Cities Relay announced and former teachers honored in Bellevue last night.

by Jennifer Sierra

Ft. Mitchell Fire Chief Gary Auffart addressed council on behalf of Leadership NKY who is starting a River Cities Relay to be held on August 27, 2016. The goal of the event is to promote health & wellness, the river cities and community vibrancy. The event entails an over 15-mile relay which will go through Covington, Newport, Ft. Thomas, Bellevue, Covington, Dayton and Ludlow. The course  could be up to 13 miles long and include up to 1000 people. The Brighton Center is having their Wine Over Water event at The Purple People Bridge the same night so they are teaming up with them for one big celebration. They have partnered with The Naked Karate Girls, Q102 and received an endorsement from The Flying Pig Marathon. Called “the most scenic run in Northern Kentucky”, proceeds will directly benefit groups like Be Concerned, The Parish Kitchen, Children’s Home of NKY and Redwood. This race will be unique in that it starts at 6:00 PM in order to take advantage of the dramatic light over the skyline.

Clean up Bellevue will be 18-24th. There will be dumpsters on Van Voast for Bellevue citizens to use to properly dispose of unwanted items. No paint will be allowed but tires are accepted and need to be placed outside of the dumpster. Bellevue is having a shred it day this Saturday, 9- 12 in front of the old firehouse on Poplar Street.

City Administrator Keith Spoelker and Mayor Riehl met with KZF and the Kentucky Department of Transportation to discuss road repairs on Lincoln Road. KZF is working on some design options right now. “We don’t know how along it will take to get the project done. In all likelihood the road will be shut down periodically. There will be road closures involved.” Spoelker said.

Chief Turner reported that speeding on Covert Run, where the speed limit is currently 20 MPH,  and south Foote, where the speed limit is 10 MPH currently, has been a problem and the police have been monitoring it. The police chief said they can suspend your license for going double the speed limit not just issue a fine or ticket.

The city is investigating if a local Bed and Breakfast was operating within the law and the City Administrator Keith Spoelker and Zoning Administrator Scott Enns met with the owners and operator of the Bed and Breakfast to make sure they were in compliance. all conditional uses will be looked at on an annual basis, The city is now looking at Airbnb businesses operating in the city of Bellevue and how it impacts the town.

Council member Dave Slater brought up the issue that Airbnbs are a problem in cities across the country. “Is that a problem here?” Slater said. Scott Enns responded, “Policing is a challenge because it is in a residence.” Council member Slater wanted to know when the licensing period is up for the bed and breakfast in question. City Administrator Keith Spoelker stated that the bed and breakfast will be licensed. Slater said, “But this is a state law.” Spoelker replied,  “It is not a state law. In the city of Bellevue the innkeeper has to be on premise and be an owner. The owners are not on premise but the innkeeper is. If they write the innkeeper in as an owner they are fine.”

In June the rental conversion and parking grants will be available to residents again.

Marty and Bobbi Mayer, retired teachers and planners of the Fairfield Mile, were honored for their community service. After 20 years of planning the Fairfield Mile , they have decided to retire from planning the race. The city of Bellevue honored them by declaring April 13th, 2016 Marty and Bobbi Mayer Day. The declaration read, “Whereas after 20 years  of organizing the Fairfield Mile, The run in Bellevue, Kentucky, Bobbi and Marty Mayer have run their last mile. They are jogging into retirement from this event. Their efforts have impacted not only the many participants of the race, the sponsors, the volunteers but also the youth that received the scholarship funding with a fellowship of Christian Athletes Summer Camp for which the proceeds go to.” They continue to tutor students in Bellevue High School and volunteer in the community. They were also presented with an original poster from the Fairfield Mile.


Council member Melissa Tatum announced she is going to continue the Fairfield Mile with the help of Greg Duty. Greg Duty said, “I think it should be called the Marty Mayer Mile.”

The urban home show, Beyond the Curb will be on April 24th from 11- 4. For more information go to

June council meeting will be moved to June 15th.

The City Administrator stated that they are working on grant to stabilize the riverbank at Bellevue Beach Park. They are also looking at drainage issues at the park as well.


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