Representative Keene secures funding for road repairs

by Jennifer Sierra


Damage in pavement on streets in Dayton, Kentucky

Representative Dennis Keene secured $4 million for Campbell County Roadways. “These transportation funds are critical to our cities as they work to fund important infrastructure projects in the next 2 years,” said Keene.

Some of the projects secured by Representative Keene in the House transportation budget will include $.5 million for repaving streets in Dayton, Highland Heights and Southgate, $1 million for road projects in Newport and $1.5 million for design and engineering of a roundabout at the entrance to the city of Dayton at O’Fallon. This would remove the traffic light at that intersection and increase traffic flow. The intersection at O’Fallon and Route 8 leading into Dayton, Kentucky and the new, upscale Manhattan Harbour Project is a source of congestion that will only increase as new people move into the area.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.12.13 AM

Example of proposed roundabout at the O’Fallon and Route 8 intersection in Dayton, Kentucky


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