Facelift for Dayton, KY High School

by Jennifer Sierra

The Dayton Kentucky High School has plans for a new facelift and remodeling project that is scheduled to start August or September of this year. The project should be finished in the Spring of 2017.

So what differences can you expect to see? The entrance will be moved and landscaped so that it will be more easily recognizable from the street and flood wall. The current entrance almost feels hidden from view. Plans also include making the entrance much more secure.The front entrance will be rebranded with new signage. The administrative offices will be moved to the old industrial art area. The art room will be renovated and expanded with a new ceramics area and showcase to display art. There will also be a seminar/maker space area where the current lobby is that connects to an outdoor secured learning courtyard with wi-fi. The gymnasium entrance will also get a makeover.

With this remodeling project, new fences, trees and landscaping as well as bike racks will be added to the outside. This is phase 1 of a multi-year project that eventually will include a new auditorium. They are hoping to award the project to a construction company by July.

According to Superintendent Jay Brewer, these plans are likely change “as the project continues through various approval stages by our local board of education and the Kentucky Department of Education.  The scope of the project will be around 1.2 million.  Keep in mind that these funds come from building funds that can only be used on construction/renovation.”

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