Bellevue students partner with local businesses for success.

by Jennifer Sierra

Bellevue, Kentucky High School students took local business leaders on a tour of the high school and hosted a breakfast seminar with the hopes of getting mentors and financial support for their programs. In a video entirely produced by the students of Bellevue High School, the kids address the importance of the Gateway Dual Enrollment Program and the Vocational Program. The students have a strong grasp on the importance of education in their lives and they seem to appreciate this opportunity to accelerate their careers.

With budget cuts on the horizon for school districts in the State of Kentucky, the students’ needs are even harder to meet. The vocational and dual enrollment programs need funding to continue. Each student needs $1500.00 to participate in a program that will enable them to save thousands on their college education. By enrolling in the Gateway Dual enrollment program, students can go to college while they are in high school and potentially earn a degree while they are earning their high school diploma.

Navigo Operations Manager Stephanie Layton spoke to the group of business leaders to explain how Navigo helps students decide on their college and career path. Layton also talked about Toyota’s impact on schools in a program where Toyota’s engineers meet with and mentor students that are interested in that specific career path.


Stephanie Layton and 2 senior students address the audience about the career advancement program.

The students we met were enthusiastic, eager and professional. These are qualities not seen often in today’s younger generation where people can’t look up from their devices to look someone in the eye. Every student we came in contact with was polite, had excellent eye contact and spoke confidently about their ambitions.

Large or small companies can have an impact on high school kids in their community by mentoring them, providing employment opportunities or financially supporting the dual enrollment program. If you are interested in participating in the program in any way, contact Bellevue Independent Schools superintendent, Robb Smith or Stephanie Layton at Navigo (





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