Kate’s catering cooking class – Mexican night.

By Jennifer Sierra

It was St. Patrick’s Day for most people but for Katelyn Banks and her students at Kate’s Catering in Dayton, Kentucky, it was Cinco de Mayo. Dayton, Kentucky is becoming a destination for food enthusiasts. With a great pizzeria, a  brand new southern, French Bistro and a fabulous catering company, it is already a diverse group of tastes for anyone. The catering company, Kate’s catering also offers cooking classes for different types of cuisine. Last Thursday night, Kate’s catering hosted a Mexican cuisine cooking class where students were taught how to make homemade tortillas, salsas and enchilada sauce. Chef Katelyn Banks also gave a lesson on knife care and sharpening. The salsas the class made were Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa, Tomatillo Salsa, and Enchilada Sauce. The students also received recipes for homemade sweet and sour mix for margaritas.
The class was comprised of a mix of people. Some of the students were from Bellevue and one from Dayton. A group of young professionals had purchased the class for their friend for her birthday. Lindsey Walters from Dayton, Kentucky was part of the birthday group and when asked why she decided to purchase the cooking class at Kate’s Catering she said she wanted to support a local business. The ladies also said that the class was the only place they could find that was close to home. The only other place that they could find cooking classes was in Mason, Ohio. Since the class started at 6:00 PM, they would have had to fight rush hour traffic to get to an evening class in Mason after they got off of work. They also said the classes at Kate’s Catering were half the price of the other cooking class. The price of the class was $35.00 a person.

Another couple said they had been to several of Katelyn’s classes one of which had been a class on cooking fish. “We had been afraid of cooking fish until we took the class. Now we feel totally comfortable preparing fish at home.”

The students seemed very interested in the class and had lots of questions about the preparation and handling of chiles. Chef Banks demonstrated in detail how to adjust the heat in her salsas as well as how to handle the tortilla dough. She also provided recipes for her students to take home.

Did those students feel comfortable enough after the class to prepare those recipes at home? The resounding response was yes. You can find a list of her classes on her web site,

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  1. I was a participant in that class – really loved it! That was the third class I had taken at Kate’s Catering & Personal Chef Services and all of them have been very informative with added bits of knowledge thrown in throughout the class about nutrition, ingredient substitutions, and much more. Kate’s classes are definitely worth the price – the class is interactive with hands on practice, take-home recipes, samples of the food prepared during the class, and she ensures no question goes unanswered.


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