Lincoln Elementary at 15th Annual Queen City Classic

Photos and story by Cathy Volter

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 6.55.53 AMThe Lincoln Elementary Chess Team had the honor of competing in the 15th annual Queen City Classic Chess Tournament. The event was held at Paul Brown Stadium. The Cris Collinsworth PROSCAN Fund graciously provided the means for the Chess Club Program at Lincoln School, as well as being instrumental in their attendance at Queen City Classic Chess Tournament. Lincoln’s Chess Club is offered to students in grades 2- 6, under the leadership of Mr. Ed Long. This was the third year for Lincoln School’s participation in the tournament.

The event began on Friday evening, March 11th. That evening, 23 students played some of the best chess players known worldwide. I spoke with a 5th grade member of the team, Mr. Aiden King. Aiden told me that Friday’s event was a “simul” He explained their simul consisted of a chess match wherein 7 Grand Masters played against many players simultaneously in a a round.

Saturday’s Tournament began at 9:00 AM. There were 50 participants from Lincoln, with approximately 800 students from around the region competing. You have to be there to experience the well orchestrated event. In between meets the students are playing practice rounds of chess. Win, lose or draw, when coming out of a meet, the student always is encouraged by Mr. Long and staff chaperones with  comments ,”Did you try your best?”, “Did you lean something?” or “You’ll have another chance.” The competition ran until approximately 5:30 PM.

Another source of Lincoln School pride was the announcement of Gabrielle Francis as the winner of the shirt design contest for the 15th Annual Queen City Classic. This is the 2nd time that Gabrielle has won the contest. Congratulations to Gabrielle!

At the end of the day, the rewards were great. Lincoln School was very well represented during the trophy presentation! The 3rd Grade Team placed 2nd, the 4th grade placed 2nd and the 6th grade placed 3rd.


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