March message from Mayor Ed Riehl

Ed RiehlHello! We were fortunate to have a relatively mild winter this year. I hope these warmer temperatures and calmer weather conditions are here to stay. The first day of spring is just a few weeks away and daylight savings time has occurred. Let’s hope the snow machine is turned off for this winter.

As always the public service employees did a magnificent job this winter season during our snow event. I received a tremendous amount of compliments from people about how clear our streets have been. Hats off to them for making it look so easy.

In March we start the budget process for the fiscal year 2016-17. This is a very important part of your city council’s job. Over the next few months many meetings and discussions will occur to formulate a fiscally sound spending plan of your tax dollars.

Mark your calendars for some very important upcoming events in March. First off will be the 20th running of the Fairfield Mile. Or the walking of the Fairfield Mile for those non-runners, we get a 15-minute head start. This will take place on March 19 starting at 9:00am at Frisch’s on Riviera Drive then east on Route 8 and then south on Van Voast Avenue to the finish line. All proceeds from this event go to help sponsor coaches and athletes to attend FCA summer camp. Thanks again to Marty Mayer for putting this event together again. Saint Patrick’s Day, as always, takes place on March 17th so wear your green that day. Enjoy a family event on Fairfield Avenue on Saturday, March 19th with In Vue’s Storybook Stroll. I hope everyone has a happy Easter on Sunday March 27.

In April Bellevue and Dayton will host Beyond the Curb on April 24 from 10am to 4pm. Sponsored by our partners at the Catalytic Fund, this event will bring hundreds of people to Bellevue for a self-guided urban living tour to explore inside a variety of residential and mixed use properties while enjoying the finest in amenities of the urban lifestyle. Plans are still being formulated for this event and more information to come in the April news.

“Shop Bellevue!” the first Friday in April is celebrating local heroes. Come down and visit all of our wonderful locally owned businesses on Fairfield Ave. We have some new faces on the block so come down and see what is new and exciting. And remember shopping local keeps those dollars here at home in our local economy.

On March 22 the Bellevue Neighborhood Association will hold their monthly meeting and host an open house event to showcase all the great things they do around town to make it beautiful. This event is designed for members to bring a friend with them and to open the group to recruit new member. Please mark your calendar and attend the meeting at 7:00 pm at the Callahan Community Center.

Hopefully, with warmer days just around the corner we all will be able to get out and start working in our yards and gardens. Also with the longer day light hours we will begin to look at our homes for those much needed home improvement projects or those repairs needed from the winds and winter weather. Please remember to check with City Staff before starting any major projects. Some improvements may require a permit and those with in the historic district may need a COA to be issued for the project or repair. Don’t hesitate to call for assistance at 859-431-8888 for help or for reporting any problem properties in your neighborhood.


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