Bellevue City Council discusses spring events and issues.

by Jennifer Sierra

At the Bellevue City Council meeting last night, Mayor Ed Riehl gave the State of the City Address in which he said that the city was strong and has above-acceptable cash reserves based on the report given at last months’ council meeting by the city auditor, John Chamberlin from Van Gorder, Walker and Co., Inc. The Mayor also stated that the decisions being made now would have a positive impact in the future development of the city with decisions like having Red Bike Stations and the EPAD ordinance being voted on favorably by council. The city also has a goal of linking the Thomas J. Wiethorn Beach Park to the Riverfront Commons Pathway that will extend along the riverfront in Dayton. Construction is set to begin this year on that walkway in Dayton, Kentucky.

Beyond the Curb Postcard

Tara Johnson from the Catalytic Fund gave a presentation to council about the upcoming Beyond the Curb urban home show this April 24th. There will be 12 homes from Dayton and Bellevue featured on this walkable tour. Some of the homes will be new construction and some will be historic structures. The goal of the show is to highlight the different living styles and options in urban neighborhoods like Bellevue and Dayton, Kentucky. The city of Bellevue will be sponsoring the event at theĀ  $500.00, High-Rise sponsorship level.

The Ackermann Group is appealing the city’s decision to deny the homeowners at Harbour Greene to subdivide their property on Lafayette Avenue. Scott Enns, the city Zoning Administrator, notified council that the grant funding has been exhausted for off-street parking and rental conversion to single family homes. Enns is also looking into regulations that would govern the ownership of fowl in the city as well as AirBnB operations.

The trash collection contract is up this summer and the city of Bellevue has teamed up with the other cities like Dayton, Ft. Mitchell and Southgate. By teaming up with other cities, the hope is to get a better price on trash collection services due to power in numbers. According to city manager, Keith Spoelker, each city will still have flexibility to customize the trash collection services to their needs. Non-performance clauses will also be added to their contract.


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