February Dayton Independent Schools Employee, Athlete and Artist of the Month

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.20.05 AMArtist Athlete

February Artist of the Month

We want to recognize Dayton High School Senior, Kaitlyn Lowery, as the February Artist of the month. Kaitlyn is a student in Mrs. Spahr’s sculpture class. She has been working very hard spending extra time outside of class to get the finishing touches on her work. She is very detail oriented and her work shows it. If you are interested in seeing some of her artwork you can stop by the high school and her work is in the main trophy case in the front entrance. You can also see some of her work along with other artwork at our 8th Annual Fine Arts Festival on March 24, 2016.

January Athlete of the Month

We want to recognize Draven Garcia as the January Athlete of the Month. During the month of January, Junior forward Draven Garcia has put up some impressive numbers on the basketball court to establish himself as one of the team leaders. In 7 games, Draven is averaging 12.57 points per game, 7.43 rebounds, 1.4 steals and 1.3 blocks to go along with 21 made 3 point shots during that stretch. His numbers show that he is a hard worker on both ends of the court. Draven was also named to the 9th Region All-A Classic All-Tournament Team after posting 27 points, 10 rebounds and 6 made 3 pointers in the opening round game of the All-A Classic at Lloyd High School.

Draven also excels in the classroom, having ended the second quarter with a 3.5 GPA, which earned him recognition on the Honor Roll. Draven shows us on a daily basis that he is just as gifted intellectually as he is academically and really sets a great example for the underclassmen on how to be a student athlete. Draven is a tireless worker who loves being on the basketball court, but also understands that his academics will always come first. We are looking for more great things out of this young man in the future.


DHS February Students of the Month

Kylie Cottingham – 7th Grade
Brianna Holt – 8th Grade
Damien Freeman – 9th Grade
Jody Wildeboer – 10th Grade
Noelle Brooks – 11th Grade
Michaela Navarre – 12th Grade


Lincoln Elementary School’s Star Students of the Month

January 2016
Zoe Hedger – Mrs. Jellison
Andrew Miller – Mrs. Ridder
Nevaeh Embry – Mrs. Stuempel
1st Grade
Lyssa Mullins – Mrs. Chenot
Daniel Johnson – Mrs. Jones
Ashlynn Mays – Mrs. Litzler
Aiden Schoonover – Mrs. Wiggins
2nd Grade
Aven Adams – Mrs. Clifton
Devlin Flannery – Mrs. Feldman
Emily Hall – Ms. Geiman
Tony Giglia – Ms. Griffith
Nikki Hauser – Principal Pick
3rd Grade
Livia Robinson – Mrs. Folsom
Gracie Cutshaw – Mrs. Jaspers
Brooklyn Gibson – Mrs. Grainger
Gavin Puetz – Ms. Woughter
4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade
Caaron Poellnitz Branden Fromeyer Lorenzo Price
Kristen Marksberry

January Employee of the Month

We would like to recognize Shirley Edwards as the January Employee of the Month.  Shirley is our Lincoln Elementary School cafeteria manager, drives a morning and afternoon bus route, and often drives sports team to evening and weekend events.

To quote one of her nominations, “Shirley is dependable, always showing up for work with a good attitude. I think what fuels this is the relationship she has with the students of Lincoln. She loves the kids and greets them all with a smile and hugs as they come through the line. This creates a good experience for the kids during breakfast and lunch!”

Another nomination stated, “Shirley is a great employee. She has many great qualities, but the three qualities that I admire about her the most are her dedication, flexibility, and ability to get along with students. Shirley has shown her dedication to Dayton Independent Schools and its students by never missing work. She is always here on time and ready to work every day! The other quality that I admire her for is her flexibility to adjust her daily routine. Shirley will switch back and forth from working in food service to driving a bus. She is willing to do whatever she can to help our students. I also think Shirley has a great relationship with the students at Lincoln and they enjoy seeing her every day in the lunch line. The Mission of Dayton Independent Schools is to Inspire, Engage and Grow and I can tell you that Shirley inspires me to be a better employee too.”

Last year Shirley had perfect attendance at school and so far this year she has not missed a day. She is a great role model for our students and staff! We greatly appreciate all that Shirley does to Inspire, Engage and Grow our Students!



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