Behind Beyond the Curb in Bellevue and Dayton, KY

By Jennifer Sierra

In an effort to spotlight the new, hip neighborhoods in Northern Kentucky’s urban core, the Catalytic Fund created a home show called, “Beyond the Curb”.  This one-day, self-guided tour will be held on Sunday, April 24th from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM and admission will be $20.00 or $15.00 for early-bird admission. Beyond the Curb will feature a diverse collection of residential and commercial properties from luxury apartments and condos to historic mansions and single-family residences in Bellevue and Dayton. Are you an empty nester or young professional? Are you interested in historic preservation or looking for interior design ideas? This showcase of homes will offer something for everyone with every taste. An estimated 12 homes will be showcased in the Bellevue and Dayton event. Some of the featured homes will be under construction and some will be historic, some will be for sale or lease and some will not.

Beyond the Curb Postcard

According to The Catalytic Fund’s, Manager of Development Services, Tara Johsnon, when they were planning the economic rebirth of the river cities in Northern Kentucky in 2004 and 2005, they realized a critical piece of the puzzle was missing. That piece was a vibrant, urban, residential neighborhood that would support the already thriving, commercial development. The focus on urban residential revitalization has been successful. Beyond The Curb has featured homes in previous home shows in Newport and Covington.  The Catalytic Fund fills the gap between what a lender is willing to give and what the developer needs to complete a project. They also offer advice to community leaders that aids them in incentive building and community planning.

“In 2014 we did a survey and 54% of developers at that time responded that they believe the biggest challenge was that they could attract quality tenants in urban core investment,” Johnson said. “This was very concerning to us. 50% of the communities in our survey said they weren’t marketing themselves well enough. That is why we developed Beyond the Curb. We have found there is no lack of demand, there is just lack of supply for people to go. Every time we invest in a project, the places fill up. When we did the Boone Block groundbreaking, 6 of the 9 units were already sold. Not the ribbon cut, the groundbreaking! We think the demand is there.”

“Beyond the Curb shows visitors the wide variety of things that make urban living unique and exciting. Even if someone lives in Hebron, they are 20 minutes out from a great dinner or evening out. We want to make sure that everyone in Northern Kentucky and across Ohio that urban lifestyle can be for anyone in this region because we are so compact and making it feel comfortable, safe and easy to navigate. We wanted it be like an open house for the featured city. We wanted it to be like ‘Hey this is what a Sunday would be like if I lived or visited this town’ and to make it a realistic experience on its own,” Tara said. The goal of the Catayltic Fund is for visitors that come to Beyond the Curb to focus on the elements and amenities each river city has like the local restaurants, stores and coffee houses or the walking trails and architecture.

How does having Beyong the Curb in Dayton and Bellevue impact each city? According to the data The Catalytic Fund has acquired, guests reported that their experience at the Covington home show said their perception of urban living and the options available in Northern Kentucky had changed in a positive way. There were 650 registered attendees at Beyond the Curb in Covington and 766 in Newport last year.

The Catalytic Fund  is a non-profit organization that offers assistance and other services to developers of quality residential and commercial real estate projects in Northern Kentucky’s urban, riverfront cities. Their mission is to accelerate Northern Kentucky’s urban renaissance through targeted investments in catalytic real estate development and redevelopment projects.


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