The Bellevue City Council Meeting 2-17-16

By Jennifer Sierra

At the Bellevue City Council meeting on Wednesday night, the city auditor, John Chamberlin from Van Gorder, Walker and Co., Inc. certified public accountants, gave a report saying that Bellevue’s finances from the last year (2015) were in great shape. “Budget variances are in the positive all the way down the line, which is very good,” Chamberlin stated. Below are the graphs illustrating the budget from 2015 for the city of Bellevue.

There is a new parking lot going in on Taylor. KZF is working on the design for the lot that is designed to relieve the growing parking needs on Fairfield Avenue. Construction is to begin in the spring on the project.

The waste contract management is up June 30th for Bellevue, Dayton and Southgate. The 3 cities have combined their efforts to get a better rate for a new waste management contract. The cities are requesting bids for garbage collection and recycling.

The city turned down the request for Harbour Greene to subdivide their property on Lafayette Avenue. The Planning Commission unanimously denied the application based on the fact “it requires an amended development plan record first,” according to Scott Enns the Zoning Adminstraator for the city. “Creating that subdivision independent of the plan could result in the following violations; the planning commission could be working outside of council, it could impact the development rights, it could impact the developers agreement, it could impact service agreements as it relates to the property.”

The Board of Adjustments is still looking into the issue of the handicap ramp installed at 366 Berry. Council member Steve Guidugli said, “The city of Bellevue is not in violation of the American’s with Disabilities Act and it is not in violation of Fair Housing Laws. We are being more than kind to allow it to stay while we try to work this issue out.”

Arby’s is now open in Bellevue and their corporate office, located in Cincinnati, is hopeful that this Arby’s location will be a showcase example of working with form-based code. They only have a couple of zoning issues to take care of. One is they still need the topping on their parking lot and the other is landscaping. Both are dependent on the weather so they are hoping to get those items taken care of in the spring.



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