February message from Mayor Riehl

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Mayor Ed Riehl

February Message from the Mayor

Hello again. Well, the ground hog did not see his shadow and we can only hope that will translate into an early spring. Although Mother Nature has been easy on us so far. Let’s hope that trend continues, but I have a feeling we shouldn’t put that snow shovel away just yet.

Remember that Valentine’s Day is upon us this month on the 14th so, don’t forget the sweetheart that means so much to you. February is American Heart Month, a movement to bring awareness to all of us about cardiovascular disease. Please take time this month to learn more about your heart health and become a healthier you.

Shop Bellevue! and Third Saturday Celebration events are still going on during the winter months. Stop down on Fairfield Avenue for some unique shopping and dining. On Saturday, February 20th the second annual Winter Carnival along Fairfield Ave will take place from 11 to 3. The Avenue comes alive with entertainers and I am told it’s going to be even better than last year’s fun filled event for the whole family. The first Friday, March 4 will be a spoken words themed event that features Bellevue’s first poetry slam. Let’s get out and support all our wonderful local businesses: keeping those dollars here at home and our community vibrant.

Also I am pleased to announce that the Bellevue’s Arby’s restaurant has opened at its new stylish location just west of the old one. After working hard with city staff the owners were able to bring us a new and contemporary building is ready to serve its loyal patrons once again.

One of my favorite spring events is fast approaching so mark your event calendars. The 20th annual Fairfield Mile will take place on March 19th starting at 9am on Riviera Drive and Landmark Drive. So come out and support the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as they raise funds for local kids to attend summer camp in July.

This month city staff and council will begin the budget process for fiscal year 2016-2017. For the next three months the various department heads will be working diligently on presenting a fiscally responsible spending plan for a sustainable Bellevue. The city auditing firm has completed its review of fiscal year 2015, and will be presenting their report at the February 17th City Council meeting.

With the leaves gone and all swept up, Litter has again become a problem around town. Please take a few moments to pick up any wayward trash you may encounter. Since we know some of the issue comes from trash cans be sure the lids on your trash cans are secured tightly to prevent animals from climbing into them scattering your trash all over your neighborhood. Your trash cans need to placed back into your yard in a timely manner after your collection had occurred. All pet owners please make sure you are cleaning up after our four-legged friends. It is the law to clean up after your pets and to have bags in your possession while out walking them. Please do your part and keep our town looking good and being a good neighbor.

With warmer weather just around the corner we all start thinking about those spring home improvement projects. If you have any question regarding the need for a permit, guidelines, building inspection, or a C.O.A please don’t hesitate to call City Staff to help guide you through the proper process. They are there to work with you and it is much easier when they are part of your planning stage. Call 859-431-8888 and ask our helpful staff to assist you. Happy Valentine’s Day and be safe for the rest of the winter season.



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