Dayton, Ky City Council meeting for 2/2/16

By Jennifer Sierra

Watch the entire city council meeting here:

Resident Elmer Perry addressed council about an open house for the Tharp Heritage Museum on February 18th from 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM. They are looking for volunteers and new members. Perry said, “If you like history, that is the place to be. In 1950, Mr. Tharp went around and took a picture of every house in in Dayton. Come down and see if you can find a picture of your house.”

March 4th is the annual Reality Store at Dayton High School from 9 until noon. This program teaches the students about financial responsibility. There is a continental breakfast at the cafeteria for everyone at 8:00 AM.

Resident and former Council member, Penny Hurtt is asking everyone to plant poppies in support of the veterans.

Chef Rick Zumwalde from the Purple Poulet announced the Grand Opening of his restaurant to be February 18 at 5:00 PM. His restaurant is located at 603 6th Avenue, Dayton, Kentucky.

Sandy Slusser owner of Gents consignment shop announced that she moved her shop from the Bellevue location and is now open in Dayton, Kentucky at 530 6th Avenue. Gents is a consignment shop for men.

There was a discussion about the amount of handicapped parking spots being issued on streets in the city. Council member Neary said he had received complaints about the number of spots for handicapped people being created on the streets and the fact many homeowners were not being notified of these allotments on their street until after the spots were designated by council. Mayor Boruske told council that these handicapped parking locations are recommendations of the City Manager based on applicants need and the area circumstances. Council member Neary wants the neighbors notified beforehand. “To piggy back on what Joe is saying,” Council member Bill Burns chimed in, “we put handicapped signs up but the only thing that says is that a handicapped person can park there. That doesn’t mean that is a private parking spot for that citizen.”

City Manager Michael Giffen spoke about the closure of Kenton Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue which was closed in 1997 as part of bond agreement with Woodcraft Manufacturing. The city gave up the entire right of way. Woodcraft has agreed to clean up the guardrail but they don’t want to give the right of way back. They don’t want pedestrians there because of liability.

Giffen said he has received requests for creating a turn about at 951 and 1051 Maple Street. Giffen received a request for Berry Street to be turned into a 2-way street between 6th and 7th. It is 1-way currently.

City Manager Giffen opened the floor for the topic of raising the rental rate license from $50.00 to $100.00 per rental unit in the city. City leaders are looking for ways to raise money to balance the budget without raising taxes. Council member Joey Tucker announced he would be abstaining from vote because he is a landlord in the city but he stood up and walked behind the public podium to address council on this matter. Tucker said, “In Ft. Thomas, it is $0 to have a rental property, you only have to file with the county for your occupational license. Bellevue is $60 for your license and $40 per unit. Newport is $45 for a license and $35 per unit. Ludlow is $100.00 per property and that is whether it is single or multi-family so it doesn’t matter how big the place is. Covington is $50.00 for a license. There is no unit rate.”

Council member Burns said, “These people that don’t buy the occupational license that we know of, we need to go after those people.” Burns suggested that the city raise the penalty for those that are “trying to skirt the law.” City Clerk, Ledger said, “We don’t have that many people that aren’t paying the rental license. We have a good handle on that. We are getting ready to file criminal charges on at least 3 people for that.”

Council member Joe Neary pointed out that it is $4.00 a month per unit and amounts to roughly $50,000.00 annually that the city would make by raising the rate.

Former Mayor Bobby Crittenden called out form the audience. “That is 1 unit, pal. You got Chateau Ridge, you got a lot of units up there!a unit ”

Neary continued, “Chief Halfhill would agree that some of the rental properties in town are your biggest problems. As a property owner you want to make as much money as you can and so does every other business. It is a profit making machine. If we were to take it from $50 to $60 or $50 to $100, break it down per monthly and take that into consideration.”

City Clerk Donna Ledger said, “If you want to go with what Joe said, it is a business, you could tax them the same way you tax your businesses.”

Council member Denny Lynne said, “There are a lot of variables we want to look at. This has been discussed for years in town. We are trying to find ways to generate income. Nobody wants to raise taxes but let us take it back to finance committee and Donna (the city clerk) gets us some figures and then we can discuss it further.”

City attorney Edge has resolved 22 cases and collected over 1200 dollars for delinquency letters and occupational licenses over the last several months. “We have just started a new stack of cases. I think i have sent out 30 or so letters of more current delinquent occupational licenses. We have sent 11 cases to the county attorney’s office for review and consideration for misdemeanor criminal prosecution.”

Police Chief Halfhill spoke about the Citizens Academy that will be held March 1st or 2nd. The Citizens Police Academy will be a twelve-week course that citizens can attend for learning about their local police departments and the criminal justice system. The meetings will be held at various participating police departments and will cover topics in areas of patrol functions, S.W.A.T., firearms, Crime scene investigations, K-9 patrol, accident reconstruction, and Criminal Investigations. If any citizen is interested in learning more about this program they should go to the Campbell County, Kentucky web site ( and fill out an application.

Halfhill also introduced the new canine officer in Dayton. Sergeant Marksberry came in with the dog, his new partner, Tessa. She has been on the streets since October 9th. The 2-year old dog is certified in patrol work, narcotics and tracking.

Park Board needs and is still accepting bids for basic repair of concrete, men’s and women’s bathroom renovations and dug outs. They are accepting bids until February 12th.

Council member Ben Baker stated that the Catalytic Fund will be having the Beyond the Curb Home Show in Dayton and Bellevue this APRIL 24th and they are looking for volunteers.

Council member Neary asked why the city was no longer giving money to the local YMCA when they had done so the past several years. Council member Bill Burns wanted to know why Justine Ryan from the YMCA wasn’t there to ask for the money herself and give a presentation.

Council member Baker then went on to say the finance committee approved the purchase of a new camera for the purpose of the city recording city council meetings and then putting them on the Internet and TV for the citizens to view. Baker said people are always asking what is going on with not being able to watch the city council meetings. While there was no solution made and no answers given to the issue, we at the Bellevue Dayton Sun always have the video recordings of the Dayton City Council meetings up on the Internet within 24 hours of the meeting. Tell your friends and neighbors that they can watch and listen clearly to all of the city council meetings on our web site.


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