New development interest and decrease in crime in Dayton, KY

by Jennifer Sierra

Watch the entire council meeting here:

A short city Council meeting for Dayton, Kentucky was held last night but a lot was covered for the new year. Board appointments were made and an announcement was made for a public hearing to be held on January 21 at 7 PM at the Board of Education. This hearing will cover the development on the riverfront commons of the river walk. KZF will present their plans for the walkway and other potential features such as a pier. The public is invited to attend.

City Manager Michael Giffen also announced plans for a development on 10th between O’Fallon and Walnut Street. The developer, Red Knot Homes, has plans for a high-end development of single-family homes on the site. The developer asked the city to vacate their right-of-way for paper streets. City Council Member Bill Burns was concerned about the development because of the steep hill that the development will sit on and the drainage issues associated with that. Council member Bill Burns lives across the street from the development.



Red Knot Homes development site

City Main Street Manager Anthony Cadle will be leaving January 15th. He has taken a position with the city of Cincinnati in their economic development department. Council members expressed their appreciation for Cadle’s work.

City Manager Giffen also gave an update about the park on Dayton Pike. The city has been waiting for approval from the Department of Local Government who told the city they needed an environmental study for the property that was slated to be the  Dayton Pike Park. The Department of Local Government admitted to Giffen that they instructed the city incorrectly to get that study. Now the city needs to make the correction. Once the correction is made, things can move forward again with the park development. “They have indicated that once this is complete, this is the only thing holding up the application in Washington. I am still trying to figure out the difference in these two studies and I have to now coordinate with a geotechnical firm to see what the costs are going to be. The costs will be paid for by the developer. It will probably take a couple of months to get a new study done,” Giffen said.

Richard McAllister is the newly hired Code Officer for city of Dayton. He was introduced at the meeting.

The police chief Dave Halfhill gave his report for 2015. His report stated that drug arrests are up 42% and drug overdoses are down 19%. Traffic Citations were up 13% and the number of arrests went up 37% from 2014. 36% more warrants were issued. Foot and bike patrol increased 43%. Vandalism is down 45%. Fights were down 26%. Thefts also decreased 14%. Traffic accidents went up 17%.



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