Dayton, KY Independent Schools, “Thanks for a great 2015!”

by Jay Brewer, Superintendent of Dayton Independent Schools

We want to thank the community of Dayton for your continued support of our schools. We are excited about the growth occurring in our schools and community.

It truly is a NEW DAY in DAYTON!

Some of the highlights from this year include our highest graduation rate in years, a proficient elementary school, a collaborative partnership with Gateway Community College, expanded early childhood programs, and our district academic performance steadily improving from being 171 out of 173 districts in the state to 125 out of 173! And all this positive movement coincided with lowering the property tax rate!

As we look towards the New Year, we are excited about the potential for a high school entrance renovation building project, literacy instruction expansion and opportunities for all students, and a greater connection with our community partners to make sure all students are ready for their next step.

We know that HARD WORK is always rewarded and the HARD WORK of everyone is paying off. We look forward to living our mission in 2016 to Inspire, Engage, and Grow each of our Students!

Let’s get to WORK!





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