Next year, Santa will arrive in Bellevue and Dayton, KY in a brand new fire truck!

by Jennifer Sierra

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 8.14.40 PMIn a very short city council meeting, Dayton, Kentucky City Council Members voted to approve the purchase of a new fire truck. Bellevue, Kentucky already voted in favor of the truck last week. With both cities in agreement the purchase can go through.

Dayton, Kentucky City Administrator Michael Giffen said, “We can afford the truck. We met with the finance committee. I am comfortable with the financing options I have seen thus far. I am comfortable with being able to finance this thing responsibly for the city.”

City Council Member, Joe Neary made the motion to approve the truck purchase with a few stipulations: 1) That the purchase or lease of the truck follows the guidelines of the interlocal agreement where both cities agree to share 50/50. 2) The $36,000 per year per city going into the fire department equipment fund be applied in whole  towards the loan or lease payments. 3) Every effort will be made by the fire board to get the best sale price on the old aerial truck. 4) When the old aerial truck is taken out of service and sold, all monies from the sale of that be returned to the city’s general fund.

City Council Member Denny Lynn had issues with Neary’s motion regarding the sale of the old fire truck and the proceeds from that sale. “Those funds should go back to the fire department to buy the equipment needed for the new truck. We never had a discussion about that money going back to the cities. That was how they were going to buy equipment for that new truck.”

A discussion started between Council Member Baker and Council Member Lynn about who really owns the fire equipment. Council Member Lynn, a former fireman for the city, told the council that the equipment belongs to the fire department. “The only time they could split the proceeds from the sale of equipment was if the merger broke, everything would get split between the cities equally.”

Chief Auteri said the value of the old fire truck would only be worth about $25,000 today.

After the discussion, Council Member Neary changed his requirements for the vote, eliminating his last request for the proceeds to go back into the city budget. The vote was unanimous in favor of the purchase of a new fire truck.

Delivery will not be made any earlier than November 1st of 2016.



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