“Book A Week” Program Kicks Off for Dayton Preschoolers!

by Jay Brewer, Superintendent Dayton, Kentucky Independent Schools

Dayton Independent Schools is aggressively addressing the issue of kindergarten readiness. Since 90% of a child’s brain develops before the age of five, it is imperative that each child has a vocabulary rich and an engaging early childhood literature experience. The “Book a Week” program will enhance the parenting partnership between the home and school by providing a preschool theme book each week for each Preschool and Head Start student. This program will also help strengthen the parenting partnership that is essential in a child’s development.

“The importance of early childhood language development goes without saying. Sometimes the language and literacy experiences for children can create a 30 million word gap.” – Brittney Howell, Director of Early Childhood EducationPreschool thanksgiving am iii

The “Book a Week” program is a collaborative effort between Dayton Independent Schools and Scholastic Books to bring high quality and authentic literature into the homes of each child in Dayton, KY. Each student enrolled in the early childhood program will receive a Scholastic early childhood book each week over the course of the school year, totaling 30 books a year! Each week every child will receive the same book as the book will be used for classroom instructional activities that then tie into home reading activities. The next week they will receive a new book to help build their own personal library, build vocabulary, and strengthen the parent/child relationship.   Their first book, which was donated by Scholastic was “Read to your Bunny.”


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