Rosenbauer decreases time frame the cities have to make decision on new fire truck.

by Jennifer Sierra

Another fire board meeting was held Tuesday night to discuss the purchase of the new fire truck. The last meeting, 2 weeks ago, was to discuss the bids that had been submitted to the fire department for the build of a new custom ladder truck for the department. The last bidding process 2 weeks ago was not valid because the opportunity for bids to be submitted was not long enough. The fire department had to resubmit the request for bids for a full 7 days in the Campbell County Recorder and

The only bid that came in was form the same company, Rosenbauer, and it was identical to their first bid submitted 2 weeks ago with the exception that now the cities of Dayton and Bellevue only have 30 days to make their decision instead of the original 90 days. There was speculation as to why the company came in with a shorter time frame the second time around. Dayton city council members and fire board members, Jerry Gifford and Ben Baker questioned the decrease in time allowance. Neither of them seemed comfortable with the tactic Rosenbauer took with the proposal and both spoke out against the change in terms. While neither Gifford nor Baker liked the fact that they lost 60 days to figure out if the cities could pay for the truck, the vote was taken and the vote was unanimous to accept the bid.

Now the fire board members must take this back to their respective city councils and work with the finance committee to see how to pay for the truck. Once that happens, the councils will vote to accept the purchase and sign the contract with Rosenbauer.


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