Harbor Greene residents’ request remains in limbo with City of Bellevue, KY

by Jennifer Sierra

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.22.04 AMThe Bellevue, Kentucky Planning and Zoning commission met last night to go over the possibility of approving the residents at Harbor Greene to go ahead and purchase a part of the lot adjacent their condo building. This lot contains the pool for Harbor Greene and a small amount of green space. This would require the current lot to be split and must have approval from the planning and zoning commission.

The commission was addressed by the Homeowners’ Association at Harbor Green as well as their attorney and the developer. All presenters were in agreement and want this split to be approved so the residents can take over ownership of their pool and the property it sits on. The Bellevue Planning and Zoning Commission said nothing as they heard from all parties. The Ackermann Group which is the developer of Harbor Green is actively in a lawsuit with the City of Bellevue but has settled their suit with the HOA of Harbor Green several weeks ago. Homeowners’ Association president, Jim Davis, said “We have reached a resolution with the Ackermann Group which we are very pleased about.  But we are very surprised that we are at the goal line and we are this far away and now the city is standing in our way to get this deal done. We would like to have you move forward to subdivide this property. This has been stressful, somewhat painful and God knows expensive not only for us but Mr. Ackermann as well.”

Attorney for the HOA, Mark Guilfoyle stated, “We understand that there is other litigiation between the city and the Ackermann Group  and we are sensitive to that and appreciate the need to be cautious, but we don’t see why we can’t move ahead with what is a pretty simple matter. The simple act of subdividing property would not be used by anybody for any reason in the Federal Court case.”

Dobbs Ackerman of the Ackermann Group addressed the commission. “We submitted this application on October 9th this year. We have received no notice if we are missing any materials you need to make your decision. What is the process if this is not to be heard this evening?”  Ackermann also asked for more detail about the status of the application.

The commission made no decision. Due to the on-going litigation between the city and the Ackermann Group, the Planning and zoning commission seems to be paralyzed and is waiting for resolution and recommendations from city council.




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