Only one $685,000.00 bid came in for new BDFD fire truck.

by Jennifer Sierra

At a special fire board meeting held on Monday night, the results of the bidding process were revealed. After making the bid for a new fire truck public for 1 week, through local newspapers, only 1 bid had been returned. Rosenbauer, the original company that submitted the bid for the truck was the only company that responded. Phil Irwin, the salesman from Rosenbauer the fire truck manufacturer, was on hand to answer questions.

The price of the vehicle would be $685,000.00 and the contract doesn’t have to be signed for 90 days from now. This gives the two cities to take more time for consideration and come up with a plan on how to pay for it.

Phil Irwin suggested the fire department use a web site called to sell their old ladder truck. The web site features used police, fire and emergency vehicles as well as allowing various government agencies to sell surplus and confiscated items. Irwin said, “ I like GovDeals so you don’t have to spend money on advertising.” He was also asked about the financing of the truck and while he said Rosenbauer does help with the financing through various institutions, he did not come to the meeting with that specific information other than to say the rates right now were about 2.99 % – 3.99 %. Chief Auteri suggested that the fire board take the information back to their city council finance committees and see what financing rates they can get through their banking relationships. Dayton, Kentucky city councilmen, Jerry Gifford said, “Financing should not stop this deal.”

With a unanimous vote, the fire board decided to take the information on the one bid received, back to their respective finance committees for further review. The process will continue on from the finance committees of each city to the city councils of Dayton, Kentucky and Bellevue, Kentucky for final vote and approval.



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