Ferris wheel and green space scheduled to arrive on KY waterfront in 2016.

by Jennifer Sierra

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Ferris Wheel 3

A Ferris wheel will be built on Newport on the Levee located on top of the Levee between Mitchell’s Fish Market and the Newport Aquarium. The size is an estimated 240-person ride with about 40 temperature-controlled pods. The platform it will be mounted to will be the backdrop for bands that play there during the summer. There will also be a stage area built under the Ferris wheel base that will be able to feature bands that normally play at the events that are hosted on the lower waterfront where GoettaFest and Italianfest take place.

According to Jack Moreland of Southbank Partners, the goal is to be finished mid summer of 2016. The project will be about $12 million. “It’s not a thrill ride, it is a viewing platform. The cost for visitors will be about $10.00 a person. The wheel will be about as big as a 25-story building. It will be the highest structure in Northern Kentucky. If you are sitting in Great American Ball Park, you will be able to see it,” Moreland stated.

Ferris Wheel 1

View of stage under Ferris wheel base.

Ferris Wheel 2

Taylor Creek 2There is a culvert that runs under The Party Source and through the parking lot of the Comfort Suites Hotel. The first 2 sections of the culvert had deteriorated so much the department of transportation needed to repair it. While they were working on a plan to repair the culvert the idea for the park over the culvert outlet was born. Envisioned in 2012, the $3.8 million project will be a nice little park that will be able to accommodate outside, leisure activities. There is a nice platform to have concerts and Duke energy has donated $10,000 for greenery. The park sits partly in Newport and about 25% of it sits in Bellevue. Both cities will work together to come up with ideas on the final finishing designs. The gently sloping green space sits a little below the parking lot for Joe’s Crab Shack and the Comfort Suites Hotel. Completion of the park called “Taylor Creek Overlook”, is estimated by spring 2016.

Taylor Creek Park 1 Taylor Creek 3

Dayton, Kentucky’s new walkway will be a direct connection with these new waterfront features. Construction on the Walkway won’t be able to begin until the money is available in July of 2016. No money can be spent on the project until the Memorandum of Agreement is signed between the city of Dayton and the state of Kentucky. Jack Moreland stated that a Request for proposal will be sent out to engineering firms to bid on this project once the paperwork has been signed. Construction could start in the second half of 2016 for this project.


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