Got milk? Local grocery delivery service can help with an app!

signature_logo_lgby Jennifer Sierra

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john_head_shotDayton, Kentucky resident John Stamates, has created a company that provides a much needed service. Milk Run LLC is an online grocery delivery service. If you want to earn more reward points on your grocery visits, meet your neighbors and help others, this might be a good program for you to join. The online app allows you to create your grocery list, incorporate another person’s list into yours (in a different color font so you can keep them straight) and keep track of the order’s status.

John Stamates created this app in an effort to build a stronger community and bring neighbors together while helping to fill a need everyone has, the need for more time. This app is perfect for mothers of young children that don’t want to load their car with kids and then have to tote their toddlers through the store. Elderly people can and should use this too. As the weather gets colder and thoughts of ice on roads and sidewalks come into view, the idea of having someone pick up your groceries is a great idea and not only a luxury for the wealthy. This program is set up in a way that everyone can afford it. You pay a small delivery fee or you can use points you earned getting groceries for others. The program can be beneficial for anyone that may need a few things at the grocery but perhaps is running low on time, transportation or personal energy to make the trip.


Desktop View of Milk Run App


Smartphone View of Milk Run App

Milk Run is coming up on its one year anniversary in December. Stamates has taken a lot of time to develop the application and continues to make improvements as the technology changes and as he gets feedback on the program. He wants to make the app a place where people can create their shopping lists and manage their coupons as well as manage the lists of others. He has thought of almost every detail right down to being able to chose your grocery store location and the aisle number of the ingredients on your list. He currently has the Bellevue, Kentucky and Newport, Kentucky Kroger stores on the app but plans on expanding into Cincinnati within the next 3 – 6 months.

When you set up an account on the app, you can set your notification preferences and get emails or text messages letting you know when someone has submitted a list. Once you are finished shopping, the address of your delivery shows up in the app for you to type into your navigation system or get directions from your smartphone. After you have made your delivery and submitted the receipt, the reimbursement payment is delivered right into your bank account. Submitting the receipt for the grocery order you picked up is a breeze as well. Just scan the receipt with your phone’s camera and send it in to Milk Run.

The grocery delivery person or “runners” as they are referred to on the app get compensated through the program with credits and points. The more discounts you can apply through coupons or rewards, the better your compensation will be through the program. The runner also gets the fuel points and any credit card rewards for the purchases they make.


Runner’s Smartphone View of Milk Run Grocery List

John is a Miami University graduate with a BS in Manufacturing Engineering with Minors in Computer Science and Physics. He spent a majority of his career in engineering before moving on to business analyst and project management work where he gained experience in finance and operations.  Has worked for small companies and Fortune 500 companies like Honda and Siemens, before deciding to start his own. John is a devoted husband and father of three has lived in Dayton, KY for over three years and the Cincinnati area for eight.


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