Great programs need great volunteers – YMCA calling for VOLUNTEERS!

by Justine Ryan – Programming Director of YMCA Greater Cincinnati; and site coordinators, Molly Russell (Bellevue) Jami Gordon (Dayton) and Stefanie Craven (Lincoln Elementary)

October 2015 Executive Blurb

Dayton High School 21st Century/Dayton Teen Center

D.A.S.H. (Dayton After School Hours)

During the month of October we have added “Homework Help” to students on Friday in addition to the current Monday-Thursday schedule. This allows some students who cannot attend during the week a chance to get some extra help. We have also added Art Club to the schedule this month. Students were able to make slime as well as carve pumpkins. For some of our students this was their first time doing this. It was awesome to see them get excited when pulling out the “pumpkin guts” they called it.

We also have some students that are new to the program this month. With the addition to the students we have added a reward system to help keep them coming. The students have many chances to earn raffle tickets. Some of the ways are, showing up, finishing homework, bringing a friend and returning their DASH forms. The DASH forms are slips of papers that they have to get signed by a teacher as well as a parent. These DASH forms track their completion of homework as well as their behavior. We will have our first drawing at the end of the month!

The senior class teamed up with the YMCA Teen Center to put on a Haunted House for their senior project. The goal was to raise money to help buy Christmas gifts for the students at Lincoln Elementary. It took a week to turn the teen center into a haunted house. This was a lot of work, we are very proud of how hard the seniors worked. They came together and put on a very successful event. They raised around $700 for the students to have a great Christmas!!

Between September and October Dayton 21st DASH program has served 222 students out of 418 students who attend Dayton High School. We are excited to see this number grow as we continue to update the attendance spreadsheet.

haunted house DHS seniors class of 2016

Lincoln Elementary School 21st Century

The Lincoln Elementary 21st CCLC YMCA after school program has increased their registration to 81 participants in October and are on track to have 100 students enrolled in the program by the end of the year. Due to the increase in students participating in the homework portion that need one-to-one tutoring, recruitment of volunteers is a major focus. They are partnering with Dayton High School to enlist high school tutors. The continued communication about the Facebook page: and presence of the site’s staff within Dayton community will further increase awareness of the program.

Bellevue High School 21st Century/Bellevue Beyond the Bell

Bellevue Beyond the Bell is off to a fantastic start! In the first two months of program, 197 students have attended tutoring or program activities at least one time. In the entire previous school year, 225 students were served at least one time. The average daily attendance for tutoring and enrichment programs for the month of October was 36 students. This is due, in part, to more students taking advantage of tutoring services and some slight modifications to the programming schedule. Two new enrichment programs were started during the month of October, sewing and dance.

The school administration donated three sewing machines that were formerly used in Home Economics to the 21st Century program. The instructor is a retired Bellevue High School math teacher. Students in our sewing program are making shoulder bags and a couple of the students are nearly finished with theirs! The next project for sewing is a pencil bag so that students can learn how to incorporate a zipper into their sewing projects.

The dance program is the newest enrichment program being offered. This program came to fruition when a high school student, and long-time dancer, approached the site coordinator about starting a program. Enough students were interested in participating to justify it being added to the schedule. The high school student will serve as the instructor for the program under the sponsorship of a Bellevue High School teacher.

The 21CCLC Cooking Club, along with students from Dayton High School’s 21st Century program, hosted another successful family dinner on October 28. The theme for the month of October was “Comfort Food,” and guests dined on baked macaroni and cheese, tater crisp chicken, and cinnamon rolls. The songwriting club performed two new original songs during the dinner. The next family dinner will be offered on December 2. The theme for the next dinner is “Holiday Foods.” All are welcome to join in family dinners. The dinners are held in the Bellevue High School cafeteria.

For more information about Bellevue and Dayton’s 21st Century After School Programs please contact Justine Ryan:

(330) 559-9443


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