Fire Department gives presentation to Dayton, Kentucky for new fire truck

by Jennifer Sierra/Video by Jimmy King

Dayton, Kentucky City Council Meeting 11/3/15

A couple was honored by the fire department with the Civilian Award for rescuing one of their neighbors from a fire on October 9th. Their neighbor was confined to a wheelchair and found on the floor of her home. Mr. James John Siereveld made his way through the smoke and fire to pull his neighbor out to safety before the fire department was able to get there. The Bellevue Dayton Fire Department awarded Mr. Siereveld and his wife Heather for the extra effort and courage to save his neighbor’s life.

Brian Boyers from the fire department made a pitch to the city council of Dayton, Kentucky to have them approve a purchase of a new fire truck. The cost of the truck will be $685,971. He informed the council that the manufacturing cost will go up 7% for this truck after January 1st. “Annual payments are about $55,000 per city per year if we want to buy this fire truck. We are hoping that tonight city council to approve for us to move forward with a contract so we don’t have to pay the 7% increase after the first of the year.”

Council member Denny Lynn asked about the bid specs for the truck.  Boyers informed him, “The fire board attorney advised the fire department to get a bid spec ready for publication and to publish it for 2 weeks to the public.”

Council Member Bill Burns inquired about what happens to the money from the sale of the old fire truck. Boyers said, “Any dollars we would get from that, the chief said it would be a good idea to use it to buy some new equipment for the new truck.” Burns said, “I agree that the money you get from the sale of the old truck you use it throughout the department for apparatus or whatever. I don’t care what it is. Just don’t put it in the budget.”

There was some discussion on how the city would come up with the funding for the truck. The city manager, Michael Giffen recommended the city meet and come up with a plan on how they would pay for this large purchase. Ben Baker said, “this would have to go in front of the finance committee” and then Bill Burns passionately responded, “We have put off getting the fire department new equipment since the merger. If we don’t do something now…we just keep putting off and putting off and putting off. If you have a leaky roof and you don’t do something about it, you are going to get rot. We are behind the 8 ball now we’ve got to do something.” Council member Lynn, and former fire chief for Dayton said, “Bill I think we will but we have to look at it first.”

Mayor Boruske said, “All I want to know is everyone on council in agreement that we need a truck?” Council member Baker responded. “I think everyone here believes that we need a truck it is just do we need to make the approve it tonight. I don’t think that is necessary yet.”

Council member Joe Neary said, “Chief 5 months ago you came to us with a five year plan. You put a great plan together and this truck was part of that 5 year plan. At that time I asked the city to put together a 5 year plan for what the city’s needs are. I have yet to see that. We have a public works department that is sliding down the hill, we are going to need pay increases to keep our better police officers. We have a lot of other needs in the city. I don’t deny that we need a new ladder truck. I go back to your last slide, Mr. Boyers. How do we pay for it? If you are talking about a 7 year loan at that interest rate, you are talking about $50,000.00 just in interest. Do we take it out of the reserve fund and save all of that money on the interest? This is a really important and expensive decision. We need to take this to the finance committee and find out where we could cut the budget.” Neary also talked about the 3 new fire fighter salaries that would have to be paid if the fire department is awarded the Safer Grant that they applied for which requires the city to pay for the salaries of the new fire personnel after 3 years. “We also need 2 pumpers that are almost 20 years old. I think all of the equipment that the fire department has was inherited from the merger. I have gone through the Interlocal Agreement and quite frankly, there is nothing in the Interlocal Agreement that addresses equipment purchases. All it says is the city is responsible for the operations.”

Mayor Boruske responded saying that both councils agreed on the line item of $36,000.00 to be spent on the equipment. Then he turned away from Neary and said, “We are in agreement that we need a new truck, you guys go ahead and get bids on it. We are going to turn the rest of it over to the finance committee.”

Dayton, Kentucky has been approved for a flag grant for $2,500.00 decorating the avenue. Main Street Manger, Anthony Cadle would like to have a new city identity created for the flag. The flags will be used to decorate 6th Avenue. Cadle informed the council that the CCAP program which gives incentives to new businesses moving into Dayton, Kentucky has so far given an 877% return on the investment.

Dayton Police Chief Halfhill announced that the Neighborhood Watch meeting is November 9th at 7:00 PM at the Dayton Baptist Church. A Citizens Academy is being put on in January. It is a 13 week program including fire arms training. Details to follow.


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