Dayton Independent Schools – Artist, Athlete and Employee of the month of October

Jacqueline Blades Priscilla Michaels

Artist and Athlete of the Month -Priscilla Michaels and Jacqueline Blades

Junior Priscilla Michaels is co-captain and starter for the Dayton High School Girls Varsity Soccer team and co-captain of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. In the classroom, Priscilla has a 3.5 GPA and is taking a dual credit course at Gateway Community College. On the soccer field for the month of September Priscilla had two hat-tricks which led the Lady Devils into their victories over Carroll County and Holmes. Her lead by example and can do attitude in the classroom and on the field is why Priscilla Michaels is the Student/Athlete of the Month for September.

Jacqueline Blades is the Artist of the Month for October. Mrs. Spahr nominated Jacqueline for her love and enthusiasm for Visual Arts. Jacqueline is always willing to try new processes, she exudes C.A.R.E. as we have defined it here at DHS, and she is a true asset to our school.

Employee of the Month – Mrs. Anna Muennich

The best way to summarize the work that our October Inspire, Engage, and Grow Employee of the Month does is taken from a student nomination, “She is hardworking, smart, fun, generous, dedicated and inspirational.”  We want to congratulate Mrs. Anna Muennich as she is our October Employee of the Month.

Mrs. Muennich has been teaching seven years at Dayton High School and she is the English department chairperson. Mrs. Muennich’s recognizable teaching brand is well known by students, parents, and staff as a teacher that has high expectations for students. Through these high expectations Mrs. Muennich challenges students to become the best that they can become.

An additional student nomination clearly supports the great work that Mrs. Muennich is doing each and every day. “I believe Mrs. Muennich deserves to be Employee of the Month. She demonstrates and encourages the Dayton mantra “Inspire, Engage, Grow.” Every day during bell changes she is out in the hallway connecting with the students, whether it be past, present or future students she still smiles at them and says “Hi”. She puts forth non-stop time and effort for her students and her job, yet still manages to find time for her family. Things could be crazy and stressful for her but she never lets that stop her, she keeps her head held high and her students on task. She is also one of the most organized teachers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You always knew what you were going to do in class that day but it was never boring, she always found a way to make it fun and exciting. She takes her time to make sure her lesson plans are entertaining but also serve the purpose of testing your knowledge. She pushes her students to succeed not only in the classroom but in the real world too. Mrs. Muennich’s determination and hard work is why I believe she deserves Employee of the Month.”

We are proud of Mrs. Muennich’s efforts to Inspire, Engage, and Grow each of our students.


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