A sneak peek at Subculture Brewing Company

by Jennifer Sierra

Subculture Brewery is coming to Dayton, Kentucky and if everything goes well, they will be open by late spring of 2016. We recently met with the owner, Michael Schuler to give us a sneak peek of what is to come. He said if all of the permits go through, which would take about 6 months, that he will be open in time for people to enjoy a beer in warm weather on the back patio of his establishment.

Schuler took us on a tour of the property which is already looking like a cool place to hang out. It is paneled with cedar planks so the place has a strong smell of cedar. The bar area is constructed of warm colors of copper and wood while being balanced with the coolness of steel. The rear area of the brew pub will have a large private patio area so people can sip suds in good weather. It is a large and welcoming space where he will have plenty of room to entertain his patrons.

Just when you think the place is big enough, we went upstairs to an apartment that he will also be renovating and using as an extension of the bar. All of the sudden, the bar becomes twice as big. The reclaimed wood cedar paneling is continued into the upstairs area where he plans on having a small prep kitchen. There is also a spacious room with tall ceilings that will be used for extra seating and perhaps even a live band. Schuler won’t be serving food but he intends on partnering with local restaurants and caterers like Kate’s Catering, to bring in food that pairs well with his brewed creations for tastings.

Schuler was very excited about all of the potential and with the CCAP grants the city of Dayton is offering, he will be able to do a lot more to his space. He will be utilizing the grant for rent and signage. He said the Main Street Manager, Anthony Cadle, has been very helpful in the whole process from procuring his location to helping with funding and permits. Could Dayton, Kentucky be the next hip place to open a business? The fact is, Dayton offers better rental rates on commercial space than Over-the-Rhine and is easier to work with than the city of Cincinnati as far as permits and signage are concerned.


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