Manhattan Harbour – Most Successful Homefest ever!

by Jennifer Sierra

“According to the Northern Kentucky Home Builders Association, Homefest 2015 at Manhattan Harbour was the best attended Home Show that the HBA has ever had,” Said Dave Imboden of DCI Properties. The HBA has asked Dave Imboden to host another Homefest at Manhattan Harbour next summer.

How did a successful development like Manhattan Harbour happen in the first place? Developer, Dave Imboden, had a vision literally. He looked at the land he viewed from his house on the opposite side of the Ohio River. After years of wondering why that land hadn’t been used for development and wondering who owned it, he found out that the city of Dayton, Kentucky owned it and was willing to sell it for development. The city council voted on the issue to sell it to Dave and, while it wasn’t a unanimous vote, it passed and Imboden purchased the property.

In this interview (which you can watch here) Dave explains the difference between the floodway and the flood plain. He talks about how he spent 10 years preparing the land for development and what makes the land safe to live on now.

Will the people moving into Manhattan Harbour be able to get flood insurance? “Absolutely”, Imboden said, “They live above the 100 year flood plain. We wouldn’t have been able to develop the land at all if the Army Corps of Engineers had not approved the plans and we hadn’t brought the land up out of the flood zone.”


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