Dayton, Kentucky receives $530,000.00 in grant money for river walkway.

by Jennifer Sierra/video by Jimmy King

Governor Beshear stated that Kentucky is second to none in scenery. “Nothing is more awe-inspiring than looking out at this Ohio River.” With over 600 miles of riverfront shoreline it is a large asset to Kentucky. Now the state realizes that the Ohio river is the biggest asset the state has. When finished the walking trail will be over 11 miles long and run from Ft. Thomas to Ludlow. It will be a walking path and an alternative form of transportation because it will also serve as a bike path. The Governoer presented 3.9 million dollars for Riverfront Commons. “This money will allow construction to begin in a big way,” Beshear said. All of the river cities will benefit from this. The Governor said that a special thanks for this funding should go to Jack Moreland of Southbank Partners and Representative Dennis Keene for the hard work they put into this grant.

The city of Dayton, Kentucky received $530,000.00 of the grant money for their riverfront walkway project. The new walkway will be built on the shore of the Ohio River just north of the new Manhattan Harbour home sites. It will allow citizens to have access to the river.


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  1. The sad thing is there are so many kids in this town who are starving and all you people think about is some dumb riverwalk lets not worry about kids starving or all the herion that people are on down here all you all think about is your selfs you all could of made a pool or something here for are kids but you all are so selfish thinking of money and its sad think about the kids that go home and don’t have no food to eat and the only food they have is at school. And alot of working single parents cant afford food and pay the bills i hope you selfish enjoy your dumb river walk and god sees you guys for who you really are i would not want to be in your shoes when you face god and he asks why did you build a river walk and not worry about theses starving kids and i will end it here


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