Bellevue raises taxes and promotes 2 police officers

by Jennifer Sierra


Jon McClain getting pinned


Mike Taylor getting pinned

Bellevue‘s city council meeting on Wednesday night was short but busy. They had a lot of topics to discuss. The Bellevue Police Department promoted 2 of their officers. Jon McClain and Michael Taylor, the chief of police Wayne Turner and the officer’s wives were on hand for a short ceremony. Both officers were promoted to the rank of Sergeant and their wives pinned them.

Halloween in Bellevue will be held on October 31st this year from 6 PM – 8 PM to remain in keeping with the surrounding communities.

On Friday the 16th, the city will be closing on the property located at 118 Taylor Avenue to create a usable parking lot. The new parking lot should be able to add 25 new parking spaces.

Chief Mike Auteri from the Bellevue Dayton Fire Department reported that Century Construction will be starting on the upstairs bathrooms next month at the firehouse. He also talked about how busy the fire department has been lately. They had 3 fires last Friday, one of which was in Newport. During that time, 2 firemen were hurt, one man sprained his ankle and the other had the tip of his finger taken off. He expressed appreciation to the local police officers in both cities of Bellevue and Dayton, Kentucky for helping his team navigate and keep the streets clear so they could access the fires.

Council Member Steve Guidugli mentioned that the city had their busiest month he could remember with remodeling permits. He stated citizens applied for permits in the range of $290,000.00 for residential improvements.

The city also voted to purchase a new utility vehicle for the police department. The only opposing vote was from Council Member Matt Olliges.

There will be a new concrete pad constructed at the corner of Ward and Fairfield for a Red Bike Station. TMS Construction came in with the only bid on the project not to exceed $29,000.00. Council Member Slater pointed out that the bid seemed high for a concrete pad. City Administrator, Keith Spoelker said the Mayor, Ed Riehl stated that they were working on driving the cost down on the project and that they too thought the maximum amount allowed on the project was too high. A vote was taken and the only 2 opposed council votes were from Council Members Dave Slater and Rodney Poynter.

Bellevue raised their property tax rates from .308 to .318. All Council Members approved except Rodney Poynter and Dave Slater. Council Member Steve Guidugli said after the meeting that “this tax increase would help the city pay for their half of a new fire truck.”

An ordinance enabling EPAD legislation was also introduced. EPAD is a financing tool to help property owners make energy efficient improvements. It covers things like water management systems, heating and air conditioning, lighting upgrades, water heating, energy management systems and controls.


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