Subculture Brewing Company to open in Dayton, Kentucky

by Jennifer Sierra

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 8.29.43 AMBrewer and owner of Subculture Brewing Company, Michael Schuler, is opening his microbrewery in Dayton, Kentucky in 2016. After receiving a brewing kit from his wife for Christmas in 2007, Schuler discovered his passion for brewing. The location of the new brewery is 509 6th Avenue in Dayton, Kentucky. According to Schuler, the brewery is “nothing fancy, basically a glorified home brew setup.” The building was built over 130 years ago. He plans on having board games, decks of cards and video games to bring people together in the taproom.

The name and logo are interesting as well. The name is a reflection of Schuler being influenced by family and friends. Schuler said, “I am a product of various subcultures. I identify with computer nerds, video gamers and beer geeks.” According to Schuler’s web site, “The logo was designed in-house through various incarnations, our logo has multiple meanings. Taken as a whole, it is a down arrow representing “sub,” “under,” and “below” the mainstream. In pieces, each black section represents the components of beer: water, malt, and hops which are then joined together and made whole by yeast. If viewed upside down it could also relate to a famous icon in video game lore which represents power, wisdom, and courage.


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